With the Olympics going on right now, we see all these young athletes competing on the highest level and dominating the competition. We see the same in ONE Championship’s Victoria Lee, who won her second pro MMA fight today.

The younger sister of ONE Lightweight Champion Christian Lee and ONE Women’s Atomweight Champion Angela Lee, Victoria has her family name on the line every time she fights. While the pressure got to her in her debut, Victoria kept her promise and ended her second fight within 4 minutes.

After a big slam, Victoria would take Luping’s back before transitioning to mount. From the top, she would trap Luping in a simultaneous top side triangle and armbar. In the end, it was the armbar that would end the fight, securing Victoria with her 2nd win in the ONE Championship circle.

Victoria mentioned in her post-fight interview she used to make fun of her siblings for crying after winning, but now she understands the raw emotion that they felt.

It’s amazing to see such a young fighter go out on the world stage and deliver such a performance. Victoria has the pressures of her upcoming senior year in high school in addition to everything else!

ONE: Battleground

You can watch Victoria’s match as well as the rest of the card on Bleacher Report’s youtube channel here! The main eventers have a combined 700+ wins so watch out!

By Andrew Mac

I'm a 19-year old Kempo Karate practitioner who also trains in Judo, BJJ, wrestling, Goju-ryu, and Japanese Jujutsu. I got into MMA in 2019 and have been obsessed ever since. I intend to soon be an MMA fighter alongside being a journalist.

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