Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

UFC Lightweight contender, Alexander “The Great” Hernandez was one of the few victims who had their fight scrapped from the postponed card of UFC 249 on April 18th and he has now had time to reflect on his pull-out of the event and what personal circumstances led him to not fighting on the UFC’S projected return date of May 9th.

Hernandez was originally set to fight Islam Makhachev at UFC 249. However, travel restrictions surrounding the rising coronavirus concern forced Islam to drop out of the bout. Then came the undefeated late replacement, Omar Morales. However, this fight would also not happen with UFC 249 being cancelled for April 18th after UFC President Dana White was told by officials at Disney and ESPN to pull the plug.

“I was super bummed out, of course about 249 being cancelled.” Hernandez told MMA Island via Instagram live. “It was the week before the fight, this isn’t a basketball game, you pull the rug out from something like that… at that point it feels like we’re pocketing it. You’ve invested so much money, so much time, so much sacrifice, so much mental, physical anguish. It’s an emotional roller coaster being with that fight with all the sh*t we had going on with that fight. All the resources being cut, the opponent changing, the location being undetermined It was a f*cking rollercoaster and I was fully prepared.”

“I f*cking got over it, wept a little bit, got home, smoked a joint and moved on. I took that following week to reset outside the gym. This place starts becoming like a dungeon after a while.”

The San Antonio native moved on from the cancelled card that was supposed to take place on April 18th, however he looks to stay fight ready for whatever opportunity presents itself. The UFC is still going forward, making plans on putting 3 shows in 8 days when it comes to May. (May 9, 13, 16)  Hernandez reflects on the matchmakers finding another opponent to replace Islam Makhachev.

“I’m kinda ready for whatever comes. Islam being out in Russia doesn’t as applicable, I’m down for that fight. I’m down for whatever man. Right now we’re looking for local guys who are ready. The cat (Morales) that they threw at me last minute, they keep pushing that, that’s something they want. It just depends (on) the day and who’s prepped. Beyond that also depends on what the matchmakers want to see because it seems like getting ready for this last fight, the options on the table became pretty slim and they were pressing me with whoever they wanted me to fight. I thought it was gonna be Michael Johnson for a minute, he was game for that, then that got pulled out and we got fed different opponents. The whole thing just real hairy at the moment. We’re just gonna wait and see what they want to do and we’re gonna do it.

Having the fight cancelled and having the question mark of uncertainty for May 9th, you don’t want to be strung out by the time you get to the fight, you want to be fresh, you wanna be eager and ready to go and you want your body to be in good condition. I broke a lot of things down getting ready for that date, weight cutting; I was overcoming elements.

I want to see this May 9th card happen. I don’t want to be the guinea pig for it anymore… May 9th card happens? Dope. There’s the 16th and the 23rd? Put me on it and I’ll be training, I’ll be ready.

“I’m not terribly confident that the May 9th card will happen, I’m gonna be fight ready but I don’t want to cut the weight again (for May 9th).”

Assuming there are no injuries, Alexander Hernandez still wishes to fight 3 times this year if all goes according to plan.

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By Chris De Santiago

Chris De Santiago is a 20-year-old journalist out of Texas. He is the founder of MMA Island and also works for