UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski is offended by Max Holloway, and fans, calling for a third fight.

The former 145 title holder, Holloway, put on a record shattering performance at UFC on ABC, setting the record for most significant strikes landed (445), significant strikes landed in a single round (141) and total strikes landed (447).

This prompted UFC President Dana White to say he believed the Hawaiian deserved another shot at Volkanovski.

“I think we have to,” White said in the post-fight press conference. “He did what he needed to do in spectacular fashion tonight, and I think he deserves to fight Volkanovski again.”

The Australian is 2-0 against Holloway, both by decision, the first at UFC 245, unanimously, the second at UFC 251 in a controversial split decision.

Volkanovski feels Holloway is getting special treatment from the UFC.

“Of course it’s disrespectful,” Volkanovski said“I think it was disrespectful straight after our first fight, (Max) wanting a rematch straightaway. And then after the second fight, he wanted a rematch straight away.

“If they want to treat him like the golden boy and want to spoil him, then that’s okay. At the same time, (his win) did show he’s right up there. So for me to say he’s never going to get that third fight with me, there probably will be a time when that’s going to happen.”

Volkanovski is slated to defend his title against Brian Ortega at UFC 260, and says he will fight Holloway once he’s earned it.

“If there’s no one else and Max is taking out everyone else, then Max is going to get that shot. I ain’t scared of Max. I ain’t scared of no one in my division.” Volkanovski said. “But are we just going to keep fighting and fighting and fighting just to keep people making excuses for Max happy? Because at the end of the day, I’m 2-0 against Max.

“They made excuses for the first fight. They’re making excuses for the second fight. Now they are trying to be like, ‘guys, it’s a new Max, he deserves the shot because it’s a new Max.’ That’s just the way the game works … They can keep crying. They can keep making up excuses. And I’m just going to keep winning, because that’s what I do best.”

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