Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Former Double Champion Aung La N Sang has firmly placed himself back in the win column after a glorious knockout of Leandro Ataides. After two losses to Reinier De Ridder, this win is what Aung La needed to build up his momentum once again.

Leading up to this fight, very strong emotions built up for Aung La. Ataides said in an interview that Aung La was scared, which caused a burning passion in Aung La to prove him wrong. In addition, Ataides went to Holland to train with Aung La’s boogeyman, Reinier de Ridder. One can only imagine how Aung La felt when he heard that news.

Come Fight Night, it was clear the intense emotion Aung La was feeling. Every single punch he threw had the intent to put Ataides to sleep. After a couple of striking exchanges, Ataides successfully took Aung La down and was able to pass the guard, taking his back. Aung La was able to stand up and bring them to the fence and eventually were separated by referee Mohamad Sulaiman.

After a couple more exchanges, Aung La pinned Ataides to the fence with a clinch before delivering his finishing sequence. After hurting him with a knee to the liver, Aung La unleashed a flurry of hooks, with the 8th one putting Ataides away.

Post-fight interview

In his post-fight interview, Aung La dropped three names of people he knows who want to fight him. ONE Welterweight Champion Kiamrian Abbasov, Yushin Okami, and a trilogy match with Vitaly Bigdash. Abbasov was supposed to fight Reinier de Ridder and Aung La was supposed to fight Bigdash. When both lost their opponents, they were matched up once again.

When asked about a trilogy against Reinier de Ridder, Aung La N Sang replied with “Nobody wants to watch a boring fight.” Aung La is mainly to his rematch with RDR here, in which RDR simply controlled Aung La on the ground for a majority of the match. He then followed up with “Let’s put on some exciting shows for the ONE Championship fans.” Whatever his next match is, it’s gonna be a good one!

ONE: Battleground

Watch Aung La’s fight as well as the rest of ONE: Battleground here!

By Andrew Mac

I'm a 20-year-old Kempo Karate practitioner from Massachusetts who also trains in Judo, BJJ, wrestling, Goju-ryu, and Japanese Jujutsu. Alongside being a journalist, I am a senior instructor at Cervizzi's Martial Arts Academy and a student at Merrimack College studying Criminology/Criminal Justice.