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With KnuckleMania in the books, the dust has settled for the time being at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. There is a new King at one thirty five. Superstars have been humbled. Legends walked away. New faces have raged onto the scene. Here are a few of my matchmaking picks from this card…

  1. Brandon “Malo” Lambert (0-1 BKFC) vs Greg Bono (0-1 BKFC, 1-1 Boxing)– Lambert made a memorable debut on the co-featured prelim bout of the KnuckleMania card. “Malo” is a Muay Thai practitioner oozing with confidence and a swagger that rubs some fans and members of the BKFC roster the wrong way. Lambert couldn’t back this swagger up as he ended up on the short end of his one hundred thirty five pound fight with the undefeated Jarod Grant, getting finished in the third round. Missing weight by a couple of pounds, a bad weight cut looks to be a possible culprit for the rocky debut of Lambert. Greg Bono, with a 1-1 Pro Boxing record, lost to John Chalbeck later on that evening. That being said, Bono put up a gritty resistance, especially during the second round against his slicker, more skilled opponent before also getting finished in the third round. Both of these fighters need some momentum in the promotion and a win would help one of these guys move forward. “Malo” should move up to one forty five, a much healthier weight for his tall frame and face a tough test in the tough as nails Greg Bono.
Photo by Phil Lambert for BKFC/Lambert looking confident before the fight.
Greg Bono, with his old fashioned high guard and game spirit.

2. Taylor “Killa Bee” Jenkins (1-0 BKFC, 1-1 MMA) vs Jenny Savage (1-0 BKFC, 3-4 MMA)– Immediately in the wake of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith confessing he gets squeamish watching women compete, one of the best women’s bare knuckle brawls happened and Killa Bee came out on the winning end of a decision after a bloody, bloody five round war with Charisa Sigala. Jenny Savage wowed spectators of The Squared Circle after a brutal early second round stoppage over her opponent at BKFC 15. Guess what? Jenkins and Savage fought each other already in MMA for the M-1 Global promotion. With Savage getting a finish with punches late in the final round, Taylor Jenkins could get a rematch in the Squared Circle and you can be sure that it would be another bare knuckle war to remember.

Taylor “Killa Bee” Jenkins, Stephen A. Smith’s favorite fighter.
Featherweight Contender Jenny Savage looing ready to pummel somebody.

3. Dat Nguyen (20-3 Boxing, 3-0 BKFC) vs Johnny Bedford (5-1 BKFC, 23-14 MMA) REMATCH-The one hundred thirty five pound championship belt along with the Police Gazette Diamond Belt changed hands at KnuckleMania from the dominant champion Johnny Bedford to Dat Nguyen in a very close fight. Nguyen initially agreed to an immediate rematch, being that Bedford was a good, defending champion before him but opted to humor moving up to one hundred forty five pounds instead. This is a shame, as I believe Bedford deserves a rematch. Nguyen offered to fight Bedford down the line at one forty five should Bedford move up and succeed in that division as well. We can hope that happens. If not, Bedford can stay at one thirty five and wait for Nguyen to vacate and get a chance reclaim the title.

Bedford has a laser focus, even in defeat.
Nguyen is the first Asian Bare Knuckle Champion, which I think is badass. Hope he defends 135!

By Josh Herbold

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