Last weekend was host to one of they most hyped boxing events of this year, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley attempted to remove the thorn in the MMA communities backside in an eight round boxing match, the thorn in question, Jake Paul.

Woodley and Paul fought through all eight rounds with Paul doing enough in the eyes of the judges to get the spilt decision win. This decision has sparked some controversy amongst fans everywhere with many believing Woodley should have won the fight, and among the disgruntled fans lies Ben Askren who also believes Woodley should have been given the win.

“I may be biased. I think Tyron won, i had a score of five to three. He was more aggressive He was stalking and he landed more effective punches.” Said Askren “Now, Jake definitely outvolumed him, but I did not think the volume was all that effective.”

While Askren was somewhat saddened that ‘The Chosen One’ was not able to knock out ‘The Problem Child’ he did however discover a newfound respect for his former opponent. 

“I know a lot of you guys are frustrated he didn’t beat up Jake Paul. Listen, that’s what I wanted to happen too. I wanted (Woodley) to knock Jake Paul’s head off. He didn’t get it done. Other than that, I gained a lot of respect for Jake Paul.” 






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