Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

BRAVE CF is hosting their 55th event live from Russia Saturday November 6th, and MMA Island will be bringing you live updates, unofficial scoring and results throughout the event. Enjoy.


Alan Balaev vs. Vadim Pavlikov

Official result: Vadim Pavlikov wins via 3rd round submission (RNC)


Ahmed Omarov vs. Albert Mallokurbanov

Official result: Albert Mallokurbanov wins via UD


Gazimurad Magomedov vs. Djabrail Aidamirov

Round 1 – The two start the round feeling each other out. Gazimurad lands first with a leg kick and a moment later lands a big overhand right that stuns Aidamirov and takes him down. Following ground and pound end the night.

Official result: Gazimurad Magomedov wins vis 1st round TKO


Artur Aliev vs. Ali Abdulkhalikov

Round 1 – Abdulkhalikov lands a quick spinning back kick and Aliev lands a few leg kicks and bursts forward with a flurry. Twice Abdulkhalikov counters with a right hand on Aliev’s low kick. They clinch up but nothing much comes of it and they break in the middle. As both men punch at the same time, Abdulkhalikov slips the right and lands with his own, rocking Aliev and taking him down. Working inside the guard Abdulkhalikov keeps control and lands shots to the body. Aliev manages to push off on the hips and they reset on the feet for the final moments of the round.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 Abdulkhalikov

Round 2 – A minute in the two men trade kicks and Aliev shoots from the outside, defended by Abdulkhalikov. They clinch for a moment and Aliev lands flush on the break with a left hook. The two trade big shots. With two minutes left, Aliev shoots again but again Abdulkhalikov defends well and avoids the takedown. Abdulkhalikov lands a good snap kick to the body. A spinning backlist is partially blocked but knocks Aliev briefly into the fence.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 Abdulkhalikov

Round 3 – Aliev comes in looking more aggressive, but a rushed kick gives Abdulkhalikov the opportunity he needs for the reactive takedown. Abdulkhalikov works for side control but Aliev recaptures guard and begins shifting back towards the cage. Abdulkhalikov does his best keep Aliev’s back to the mat and lands short shots to the head. Abdulkhalikov stands up and throws a big bomb coming back down, ends up taking Aliev’s back against the cage. Moments later he uses the lock around the back to throw Aliev back to the ground. Abdulkhalikov maintains top control for the remainder of the fight.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 Abdulkhalikov for a final 30-27 for Abdulkhalikov.

Official result: Abdulkhalikov wins via UD.


Kamal Magomedov vs. Vitaly Tverdokhlebov

Round 1 – Tverdokhlebov starts off quick with low kicks in bunches and is able to take Magomedov down when he tries to counter with his own. However as they go down, Magomedov throws his leg over and gets a lightning quick arm-bar.

Official result: Magomedov wins via 1st round submission (arm-bar)


Andrey Bragovskiy vs. Sergey Yaskovec

Round 1 – Bragosvkiy starts strong with powerful low kicks, which after only about three already cause visible damage. Yaskovec starts throwing heavy behind them but gets caught with the jab now used to set up Bragovskiy’s kicks. Good combination from Yaskovec, lands a heavy left but his following right only glances. The two clinch up, Bragovskiy throwing knees while Yaskovec tries to find the overhand on the top, but Bragovskiy lands with the short punch on the break. Good left body kick by Yaskovec. Close round could go either way.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 Bragovskiy

Round 2 – Again Bragovskiy opens up with heavy leg kicks, catching Yaskovec with all his weight on the front leg. Yaskovec throws a body kick, caught and Bragovskiy takes him down only for a moment before Yaskovec fights his way back to the feet. They fight for control against the cage before breaking and getting back to the centre of the cage. Bragovskiy with a good shovel uppercut, followed by huge shots from Yaskovec with a flurry. He pushes Bragovskiy back to the fence but gets reversed. Bragovskiy uses the position to get a quick takedown but immediately they return to their feet. Both men cut open, but it is Yaskovec that pushes forward with wild punches. One final flurry puts Bragovskiy on the back foot, wobbling back to the cage. Follow up shots, including a right hook to the body puts Bragovskiy down and the referee steps in.

Official result: Yaskovec wins by 2nd round TKO


Rustam Chsiev vs. Abusupyan Alikhanov

Round 1 – Chiev starts first with a wide reaching combination and almost gets caught on the way in by a hook. He uses an almost identical entry but uses it to secure the takedown into scarf hold, but Alikhanov tries to escape out the back and they scramble back to their feet. Chsiev with a big left hand, once agin throws and almost gets caught by the hook counter. Good right kick to the body from Chsiev. Chsiev jumps in again but this time gets countered by the left hook combination. Alikhanov charges forward and clinches for a moment. Chsiev keeps going to the long left overhand but gets countered with the left hook again. Up-elbow from Alikhanov, and a body kick from Chsiev to end the round. Close round

MMA Island scores it 10-9 for Alikhanov

Round 2 – They exchange heavy right away but the exchange is ended with a high kick landed by Alikhanov. Chsiev rushes his opponent to the cage, controls the undertook and lands short shots in the clinch. Alikhanov defends and lands a knee on the break. Big shot over the top by Alikhanov. Chsiev secures over under in the enter of the cage but misses the inside reap. Clinch against the cage, but after a few moments, the referee resets them in the centre, Alikhanov secures the takedown, they scramble up and back down and back up, Alikhanov on the back. they go back chest to chest and break to end the round. Very evenly matched, and both seemingly slowing but neither can bank on the scorecards going into round three.

MMA Island scores it Alikhanov 10-9

Round 3 – Alikhanov goes for a double leg, but Chsiev sprawls on top with the body lock. He looks to roll under and get Alikhanov on his back but cannot complete it. Alikhanov pops back to his feet after almost a minute underneath. Referee sets them in the middle after a stalemate against the cage. Alikhanov goes back to the low kick but meets a big check by Chsiev. Chsiev pushes forward, sprawls on Alikhanov again and lands strikes to the turtled Alikhanov. Back to the feet with 20 seconds left, one last takedown attempt from Chsiev but not completed.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 for Chsiev bringing the total score to 29-28 Alikhanov.

Official result: Alikhanov wins via majority decision (29-29, 30-28, 30-29)


Kamil Magomedov vs. Sam Patterson

Round 1 – Starting out slow, both men open up looking to make reads and get their timing. Magomedov commits first, with a missing spinning side kick and then a flush left body kick. Stiff jab by Patterson. Big left hand counter by Magomedov, who also shoots for a takedown soon after. The attempt is denied by Patterson who stays composed against the fence. Patterson tries to use the shoulder bump but Magomedov stays tight, eventually they are reset by the referee due to lack of action. Accidental groin strike lands on Patterson and he takes the recovery time due to foul. They restart and Magomedov does with a sidekick to the knew, and lands a double leg, passes to half guard as the Englishman looks for a guillotine and the clock runs out.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 for Magomedov.

Round 2 – Patterson gets off first using his reach to land straight shots and a long head kick. Magomedov counters with a body kick and another takedown. Patterson looks for the neck but Magomedov passes to side control and then takes the back. Patterson turns out of it and into half guard. The grappling exchange continues, Magomedov takes the back but Patterson wrestles back to his feet and the clinch against the cage. Patterson looks for the ninja choke, drags Magomedov down to the mat into turtle position, Patterson transitions to the guillotine, Magomedov rolls to his back and taps out in round 2.

Official result: Patterson wins via 2nd round submission (guillotine)


Artur Sviridov vs. Ibrahim Mane

Round 1 – No feeling out process in this one, both men all but run to the centre of the cage and begin exchanging. A brief clinch but both men land punches and kick by the time we get a minute into the round. Mane light on the lead leg, begins prodding with his lead low sidekick and lead roundhouse. Sviridov lands a nice deep and pushes mane back and then lands a looping left hook as Mane looks for another kick. they trade hooks in the pocket. Mane slips a right hand and lands the body kick. Mane looks for a spinning kick but Mane times the low kick perfectly and puts him down briefly, almost securing top position. Going back to the low sidekick, Mane controls the distance. Big overhand right to left hook by Sviridov, answered by a kick from Mane. Massive swing by Sviridov, barely slipped by Mane.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 Mane.

Round 2 – Mane opens round 2 attacking the leg, but disrupts his pattern with a body kick and a long jab. mane rolls under a headlock from Sviridov and lands to the body himself. Sviridov then eats a clean headlock from Mane. It looks as though as the pace becomes more calculated Sviridov is becoming less comfortable, but he lands a sharp calf kick as he circles the outside. Huge front kick to the face lands for Mane, and he keeps pressing forward, cutting odd the cage against the Russian.

MMA Island scores it 10-9 Mane.

Round 3 – Sviridov comes into round three with far more sporadic movement, feinting with the lands and finds his way to exchange in the pocket early. Mane goes back to the lead leg kicks. Svirodov steps into the pocket and takes a short head-body combination from Mane. Sviridov slips in again and partically lands a three punch hook combination. Sviridov takes a knee to the body in order to secure the takedown, finds himself in Mane’s guard who immediately starts working towards the kimura. Svirodov keeps the pressure on to avoid the submission but Mane stays on it. Within millimetres before the arm could break, Sviridov wrestles free and ends the round on top.

MMA Island scores it 10-10 to bring the final score to 30-28 for Mane.

Official result: UD Draw between both fighters (29-29, 29-29, 29-29)


Ali Bagautinov vs. Sean Santella

Round 1 – Bagautinov takes control of the centre cage first as Santella stays on the outside before looking for a takedown. Bagautinov defends and lands shots as he counters. Bagautinov sprawls, postures up and lands bombs until Santella rolls over and could not continue. The referee steps in as Bagautinov ends the fight with downward punches. Santella stands and complains of shots to the back of the head.

Official result: Ali Bagautinov defeats Sean Santella via first round TKO (1:01 Rd1)


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