Brian Kelleher: “I’m The Contender Series Killer”

Brian Kelleher returns to the Octagon today, May 13th, for the second time this year. Kelleher recently defeated Contender Series prospect, Ode Osbourne at UFC 249 in January, but that’s not the only Contender Series alumni he’s interested in beating…

Kelleher looks to ‘hunt’ his next opponent, speaking in an interview with MMA Island. Hunter Azure, who is undefeated and got his shot in the UFC by capturing a win inside Dana White’s own summer fight series.

“It’s hunting season, baby.” said Kelleher. “I like to say I’ll be the hunter in this fight. I see some holes (in his game). He’s undefeated, so he’s coming in confident, but I love that. I like fighting undefeated guys, it gives me the sense of oh I’m going to give you that first loss.”

“He’s got a good wrestling background, but also he’s taken down a lot of times in the UFC, by Brad Katona. Even with his wrestling background, I think I’m a well-rounded fighter. I can implement my wrestling if I want to. I think my striking is a little bit more diverse than his. I think my jiu-jitsu is better altogether as well… I feel really confident about this fight.”

“Boom” expressed his interest in taking away 0’s from undefeated fighters like Hunter Azure, but he holds on to the potential possibility of doing that to one rising star and that’s “Suga” Sean O’Malley.

Kelleher has had his eyes on DWTNCS alumni O’Malley ever since he stepped foot into the octagon. He wishes to “derail the diabetes show” and “steal his hype.”

Although, O’Malley and his longtime friend Tim Welch have openly dismissed the matchup (Welch on one of our interviews), Kelleher continues to push for that bantamweight matchup.

“If I can get another big victory over a Contender Series guy… I’m the Contender Series Killer.”

“He’s the only one left (O’Malley). He’s the big Contender Series star. The UFC loves him.”

Kelleher looks to have a very special post-fight interview if he gets his hand raised tonight against Azure.

“I’m going to have something ready for him after this fight.”

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