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Miami, Florida-Well folks, I gave my take on the “Paige” side of things for the BKFC 16: KnuckleMania main event but I would be doing the game a profound disservice to not take the time to acknowledge Britain Hart (4-4-3 Boxing, 2-2 BKFC) earning a big trademark win at BKFC 16: KnuckleMania!

Facts are facts. If KnuckleMania didn’t put you on notice, you’d know long before that Hart has been on a freakin’ terror for the past six months. In an era where Pro Boxers and MMA fighters fight once or twice a year, Britain Hart has bucked the trend and has taken two Pro Boxing bouts and two Bare Knuckle bouts…in six months! Hart’s activity has been rewarded, going a solid 3-1 run spanning both sports.

Photo Credit//Phil Lambert

The way the fight unfolded, it wouldn’t be much of a leap to state that Heart put on a Bare Knuckle clinic on VanZant for four rounds of the five round contest. In the clinch, Hart was always stronger and more productive. VanZant made some useful adjustments and showed signs of rallying back in the fifth but alas, too little…too late for her vastly more experienced opponent. After a fun back and forth bout the judges saw the fight Britain Hart’s way and her life has changed forever for it.

Hardcore fans could tell from the jump that Hart was a talented gamer with a relatable backstory. Hints of her gritty, difficult past emerge in her post fight speech where she casually discloses that VanZant hits harder than her past male abusers. Heartbreaking. What makes these statements so heart rending and painful is how she states this revelation in a similar way someone would compare gas mileages of economy cars. Hart knows pain and you find yourself, grimly perhaps, hoping that she gets to dish out some pain of her own in The Squared Circle in exchange.

Photo//Alex Menendez

So what’s next for the tenacious modern Bare Knuckle pioneer? Jenny Savage (1-0 BKFC) attempted to answer this question when she stormed The Squared Circle during Hart’s iconic post fight interview. In response, Hart simply poured her water bottle on Savage and dismissed her as “trash”. Later on What The Heck With Mike Heck, she hilariously stated, “Fusion is an awesome sponsor, so I’m glad they had water for me”.

Hart has made her ambitions clear and it’s on to the title. A chance to avenge her TKO loss to Christine Ferea (3-0 BKFC) for the Women’s Featherweight belt would be quite in order, I would think. A Paige rematch would be great for brand building and the Bully Beatdown fan in me wouldn’t mind seeing a Jenny Savage scrap. That storyline has now been well established. Either way, Hart is on a rocket ship to stardom now and with her touching backstory and desire to break people and hurt them…I’m here for it!

By Josh Herbold

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