Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

The story around Cain Velasquez’s recent arrest is starting to get out.

The former UFC Heavyweight Champ was arrested on Monday for allegedly shooting a man at the intersection of Monterey Highway and Bailey Avenue. Velasquez is now being held at the Santa Clara County Main Jail for attempted murder.

There’s been many question marks on why Velasquez did what he did. But, we’re now beginning to learn the reasoning behind his intentions. Velasquez allegedly starting blasting away because of what happened to a close relative. Middle Easy confirmed that it was regarding his young daughter. She was allegedly molested just a week ago at a daycare facility by an adult male.

Last Friday, 43 year-old Harry Eugene Goularte would be charged on one felony count of a “lewd and lascivious act with a child.” He would later be arraigned, with a judge granting him supervised release. This would happen, despite objections from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Goularte resides near the daycare that is run by his mother. Goularte is not to be confused with his step-father, the man who was ultimately shot by Velasquez.

Damian Trujillo from the NBC area reports that the alleged abuse may have happened “100 times” according to court documents.

Trujillo’s report also contains statements of fact made by involved investigative detectives. These statements reveal that the victim reported the abuse occurred in the daycare bathroom. The victim saw other children go in there with Goularte as well. Goularte denies any wrongdoing, claiming ‘he just helped a child put his pants on correctly, once’.

Three days later, at 3:15pm on Monday, Goularte was in a car with his stepfather and another, unidentified individual. Velasquez would chase the three down and open fire at the mentioned location. Goularte’s step-father was hit in the altercation and hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Velasquez is to be arraigned at noon, local time on Wednesday. Goularte is due back in court on April the 13th. These are according to online records.

If convicted, Velasquez faces 15-to-life for attempted murder, according to Trujillo.

By Sidharth Kudva

Sidharth Kudva is an 18 year old rapper, poet, writer and journalist living in the city of Thane in Maharashtra, India.