Charles Rosa Responds To Bryce Mitchell: “His Arm Is Gonna Hurt Pretty Bad When I Rip It Off Too”

UFC Featherweight prospect Bryce Mitchell took offense to Charles Rosa’s claim that he was gonna ‘rip off on one of his limbs’ from an interview with MMA Junkie.

Mitchell fired back at Rosa on Twitter saying “I ripped my nuts in half and almost lost my weiner u think I’m worried about a limb.”

The surging Rosa laughed at his response, saying “His arm is gonna hurt pretty bad when I rip it off too.” Rosa told MMA Island.

‘”I don’t know how that felt because I’ve never experienced it.” Rosa can’t imagine what kind of pain Mitchell was put through when he tore his scrotum in half in 2018, but is confident he will put the pain on “Thug Nasty” come May 9th.

“I have 7 armbar finishes in my professional career… He took a lot of offense to it. I was at an interview and the way it came up was ‘if this fight hits the ground, what do you expect will happen? Do you expect you’re gonna be better than him on the ground? What do you think?’

“I said if the fight hits the ground, the same thing is gonna happen like the rest of my opponents… I’m going to break his arm. So, that was the headline for the article and it is what it is.” Rosa laughed it off as the article ended up going viral on social media.

“They asked him about it in an interview and he got pretty upset. He’s like ‘oh he’s gonna break my arm’ but I mean what are we doing out there. We’re fighting. So it’s like, that’s what I’m gonna try to do.”

“Boston Strong,” in response to an “upset” Bryce Mitchell, continued to press forward, leaving a very violent prediction for their UFC 249 prelim bout.

“I’m going to try to take his head off on the feet and then try to rip his limbs off on the ground. If he’s able to survive on the feet and he goes down, I’m going for his throat or one of his limbs til’ the fights over.”

“I go in there, do or die. I go in there expecting to put my life on the line. That’s what I do every time. So, that’s what you’re gonna get May 9th. It’s going to be a good scrap.”

Charles Rosa looks to capture his 9th submission victory and 12th finish overall against the rising undefeated prospect, Bryce Mitchell in Jacksonville at UFC 249 this weekend.

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