Mike Perry & Darren Till, MMA’s most known frenemies went on Instagram Live today to bludgeon each other with insults and kind words alike. They covered a multitude of different topics, one of which included Perry being given the opportunity to train with Till overseas in England.

Perry is 3-6 in his last 9 fights and is currently searching for a career resurgence. With his girlfriend Latory Gonzales in his corner, “Platinum” last underwent a training camp with no sparring partners and no coaching staff. He would then lose a unanimous decision to Tim Means in his most outing last fall.

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Speaking to his rival, Darren Till on IG live, Perry has expressed interest in training with top contender Colby Covington

“I got a team now.” said Perry. “I haven’t gotten to train with [Covington] yet, but he’s over there at MMA Masters.”

“He did 5 rounds with the champ who won last night. I’m looking to get some rounds with him.”

With Perry opening himself up back to training traditionally, the Englishman made an offer to train with the American.

DT: “Get yourself out to Liverpool and train with me.”

MP “Man, I can’t leave my family. That’s my life.”

DT: “I know that, but sacrifices have to be made. I’m not with my family either.

MP: “I don’t know how you fighters do that sh*t. I’m gonna fight every day to be with my family.”

DT: “I want to see you get 3 wins in the welterweight division. That’s what I wanna see.”

MP: “I want to see it too, I’ve been BS-ing, I guess.”

DT: “I don’t think you took the last fight as serious. You are better than Tim [Means], but train harder, I don’t know.”

Later into the conversation, “The Gorilla” would ask Perry once again to train with him overseas in Liverpool at Team Kaobon for his next fight camp.

“Once you land in the airport, I’m going to punch the head off you mate and then I’ll shake your hand.” Till joked.

This caught Perry’s interest. Why wouldn’t it? Fighting your rival everyday sounds like a plan and moving with his family would be an ideal route for the 29 year-old

“We can fight about it every day, huh?” Perry said. “I don’t know, I got to bring my girl to England. I like America though. I don’t want to stay away from my family. I can bring them with me though, I can bring them to England.”

“Why don’t you come to Miami? It’s nicer here, it’s warm.” Perry added.

Training out of Team Kaobon, the former UFC title challenger showed Perry his living quarters calling it “the camp life” which was a small bedroom next door to a kitchen with his personal chef.

“Perry listen brother, I love you but when you decide you want to get a big f***ing naughty left hand off me, come to Liverpool you fat c**t.”

Till proceeded to end the livestream on that high of a note, leaving Perry to decide which road to pursue in his career.

Should Mike Perry travel to Liverpool to train with Darren Till?

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By Chris De Santiago

Founder of MMA Island, journalist at LowKick MMA, formerly Asian Persuasion MMA.

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