Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Darren Till has slammed the Liverpool Echo for the way they covered his Instagram meme on transgender people.

On July 26 Till put a, controversial, meme on his Instagram which garnered a lot of attention and outrage, with people reporting it to Merseyside Police.

This has triggered a response by the police, with a spokesperson saying, “enquiries are ongoing.”

The 28-year-old is no stranger to negative reactions to his posts, as he mentioned on his response to the Echo on Instagram.

“As everyone knows I’m always posting very controversial things, I’m never going to change, ever, ever, ever going to change.

“I posted this transgender meme, I thought it was funny, I knew it was going to get backlash.

“I’ve actually got transgender people right now on Instagram who are messaging me, who are friends. I’ve got transgender friends I speak to, they thought it was hilarious.

“You can’t cancel someone who doesn’t give a sh*t and I don’t give a sh*t. But at the same time as well it’s obviously the offended brigade.”

This is the post Till put on his Instagram, which has since been removed, with the caption, “have a good week everyone #positivity”.

It’s unknown if Till has removed his own account or if Instagram have taken action.

The former welterweight title challenger went on to express his anger at the way the Echo report on him.

“Any time with a little thing with me they always loved to get their claws in.” Till said. “They were actually going to do a story before I was meant to fight for the UFC world title, about something that happened, and they got told not to print it.

“You know why they got told not to print it? Because I said if they print it, they will never be allowed into Liverpool, Anfield when I sell it out. I know I’m going to sell that stadium out for my world title fight or for when I defend the world title.”

“I just laugh so much at the Liverpool Echo; I mean Manchester Echo. Sorry I keep calling it the Liverpool Echo, it’s the Manchester Echo.

“No c**t likes you in Liverpool, you are the scum of Liverpool, no one likes you. The only people that do are from outside Liverpool because they don’t know.”

Till has stuck to his guns and said on Twitter that he will be posting more offensive posts this weekend.