The end of the road. Diego Sanchez has announced he will probably retire in May, possibly in April. However, he will not go out without a fight. His next opponent in mind? James Krause.

Krause was greeted earlier this week by a DM from no other than Sanchez, in a strange call-out. The Ultimate Fighter champion criticized Krause for allegedly talking trash about his coach, Joshua Fabia, stating he does not know him and adding that he is an amazing human being.


Sanchez continued on.

“I didn’t want to get all heated say f*ck you! So I won’t go there, it’s cool bro, I know you don’t know.”

Knowing Krause isn’t quite a fan of his School of Self Awareness, the Albuquerque native asked him:

“Maybe I can show some of Joshua’s [Fabia] method in the octagon?”

“If it’s not good timing, we should train, I’ll teach you some new sh*t.”

Krause accepted the call-out, responding that he will take Sanchez in the first round, Fabia in the second and anyone else involved with this “circus act” in round 3.

“You said April or May, Diego. Come get this work.”

By Chris De Santiago

Founder of MMA Island, journalist at LowKick MMA, formerly Asian Persuasion MMA.

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