Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

 In the wake of multiple surgeries and the potential for another, Ahmed Amir’s BRAVE CF lightweight title will be put in dispute when the new BRAVE lightweight interim title is put on the line.

Earlier this morning BRAVE Combat Federation president, Mohammad Shahid, sat down with MMA Island to discuss BRAVE’s International Combat Week, slated for March 202

Shahid took the opportunity to officially announce that while Amir’s future is uncertain, the promotion will go along and put an interim belt up for grabs, hopefully in march during the combat week event.

“It’s a tough situation right now,” Shahid told MMA Island. “He’s actually right now with a team traveling to Abu Dhabi but before he traveled we had a conversation to discuss his situation. We spoke with the doctors as well, [and] it’s not about recovery, it’s about evaluations. So they’re going to be watching him for a couple months before they can make a decision on if he will need a third surgery or if he can continue.

“So it’s a very weird situation, it’s one of those situations where you don’t know. Like if it was a fracture you know how long it takes but he’s in a position where he has multiple injuries but some of the injuries are more of the doctor keeping an eye on him so we can see how the progress is. If the progress is as good as we expect then he will be able to fight at some point but otherwise he will have to go for a third surgery.

“After a third surgery, what does it mean then?” Shahid continued. “Continue to evaluate him? Will there be a fourth surgery? So it’s a very special situation where we don’t know what to expect.”

The situation at hand would have the BRAVE boss create an interim title.


“Which is why I think we officially want to announce the interim title. We need to put the interim title out there because that division is a crazy division, you have Ahmed Amir as the champ, you have Sam Patterson, (Abdysalam Uulu) Kubanychbek, Slobodan (Maksimovic) now after Rolando Dy and Amin Ayoub is still out there

“He’s just lost his title, it doesn’t mean that he’s not the next contender as well, so there’s an interesting lightweight mix that’s going on with Kamil (Magomedov) also on board although losing to Sam Patterson. So top top talents lined up and they need to fight for a title.”

While the new presence of an interim belt is now official, a locked-in date is yet to be stamped, although BRAVE International Combat week seems to be the ideal plan if everything falls into place.

It has already been announced that three title fights is the target for BRAVE CF 57, the main event of the week, and with both a bantamweight title match between Brad Katona and Hamza Kooheji as well as a rematch for the middleweight title between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohammed Said Maalem, a lightweight interim title would complete the trifecta. 

Although Shahid mentioned a number of potential candidates, he did also confirm that at least one half of the interim bout will include Kubanychbek who was next in line for Amir’s belt before his health issues arose. It would seem that as of right now Amin Ayoub, in an attempt to immediately look to recapture gold, is the frontrunner to fight him, as Shahid explained: “Amin Ayoub. In an ideal world that would’ve been a rematch with Mohammad Amir because of that fight and the quality of the fight.”

Official confirmation should come on the locked fighters for the interim title in the coming weeks.

BRAVE CF 57 takes place March 11th, 2022, amidst BRAVE International Combat Week which runs March 7th through 13th and is expected to air on depending on your location.


By Braeden Arbour

I am a Media Studies and Literature graduate from Trent University in Ontario, Canada, a black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, and a blue belt in Judo. I hope to persue a career in sports journalism and writing about various elements around the world of martial arts.