Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Number one pound-for-pound grappler Gordon Ryan slapped Andre Galvao on the way to his post-fight interview at FloGrappling’s most recent Who’s Number One event.

The two have been battling over social media for years now, but their rivalry finally reached boiling point last night.

Galvao was cornering his fighter Ronaldo Jr against Ryan’s teammate, Craig Jones, who defeated Ronaldo by heel hook, in the main event.

Ryan fought Roberto Jimenez earlier on the card submitting him via armbar.

The American explained his side of the story in his post-fight interview.

“So I tried to shake Andre’s hand after the Ronaldo match and then he flipped me off” Ryan said,“so then I went to come and do the interview with you guys and Andre started calling me a pussy and walked up to me and pushed me, so I slapped him in the face.

“Then he just went like this (Ryan cowers) and walked away. Then he started to walk over to me again so I slapped him in the face again and then he walked away a second time but kept following me, but every time I’d walk towards him to try and fistfight him then he’d just walk away and said ‘you should show respect’”

Just before Ryan’s interview they went at each other again, having to be broken up by FloGrappling crew members.

When asked about a potential fight with Galvao the 24-year-old said: “Of course it’s not going to happen, he’s not going to show up, he’s asking for a million dollars. This guy Is just so out of his mind”

Galvao is a former MMA fighter and went 5-2 in his career fighting in promotions such as Strikeforce and Dream, with his last fight being a loss to former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Both men could in fact face each other at ADCC as Ryan is the mandatory challenger to Galvao’s super fight belt, but it is unsure if the Brazilian will stick to his promise of retirement.

There was already much anticipation to a potential matchup between the two, but it has now reached a new level.