Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

We are just a few days away from Hannah Rokala’s highly anticipated pro debut. (Photo courtesy of Bailey Brooks)

The 24 year-old prospect enters her first pro fight in the main event of Showcase MMA 27 against Kara Marie Vislosky. This is a familiar face for Rokala, as she previously TKO’ed Vislosky back in 2018. Rokala looks to make that a repeat as a pro, predicting a finish this Saturday.

“I think my opponent has decent boxing and wall work from what I’ve seen. I see this fight happening with a finish due to strikes or submission,” Rokala told MMA Island. “We’ve fought before as amateurs and I’m sure we’ve both grown but I think I’m the overall better and more well rounded fighter.”

Rokala had a near-perfect run on the amateur scene. She’d go 11-1 as an ammy, only falling short to current UFC fighter Sam Hughes back in 2017. Heading into her pro debut, Rockala would reflect on her work as an amateur.

“My overall thoughts on my ammy career would be that I’m very happy with it and so are my coaches. I wanted 10 fights at least and to get my purple belt before I went pro. I got 14 and many of them were overseas which is a bonus. I fought some if not all of the toughest amateurs and also experienced a loss which is important. I also had to overcame a lot of personal things during my ammy career which I believe taught me resilience and mental fortitude. I’ve grown so much as an athlete and person over the years.”

After fighting the toughest amateurs there are and adding more weapons to the arsenal, Rokala is more than ready to make waves as a pro fighter. She wants to be a great example for young female athletes worldwide someday.

“I thought I would be more nervous going into my first professional fight but honestly the camp and everything has been like my other ones (with the exception of adding more knees and elbows more to my training). I’ve always tried to train as a professional. I feel very excited to finally be at this point. A fight is a fight… doesn’t matter if it’s a few extra minutes.”

“I hope to take my career all the way to a professional world title and be a good example for young female fighters/athletes everywhere,” Rokala continued. “I love what I do and if I can make a positive impact in the process that’s what matters most.”

By Chris De Santiago

Chris De Santiago is a 20-year-old journalist out of Texas. He is the founder of MMA Island and also works for

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