Cage Warriors brothers George and Harry Hardwick will both be returning to the cage this October as they are both featured on CW 129.

Cage Warriors 129 will top off another trio of events, as CW Trilogy returns with CW 127 on Thursday, September 30th, followed by CW 128 on Friday 1st October and finally 129 on October 2nd. CW 129 will be headlined by a flyweight title bout between Luke Shanks and Sam Creasey.

George Hardwick (7-1) will be taking on Jakub Dohnal (9-1) in the lightweight division and will feature on the main card, whilst his brother Harry “Houdini” Hardwick (7-3) takes on Konmon Deh (10-7) in a featherweight bout on the preliminary card. Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan had this to say about the return of the Hardwick brothers

It’s great to have the Hardwick borthers on Cage Warriors again. George put on a clinical display against former featherweight champion, Dean Trueman, last time and I can’t wait to see if he can build on that. The intesity Harry Hardwick brough to the cage in his last fighr was palpable and I’m interested to see if that intensity can be maintained with the fans being back in attendance.

George Hardwick has had a difficult time as of late trying to find an opponent, so when he finally got the bout agreement it’s safe to say he was a happy man! “I’m just happy that someone finally agreed to fight! A number of people with similar records in this division turned me down because they’ve got no character” said George.

Cage Warriors Trilogy kicks off on Thursday, September 30th live on UFC Fight Pass, events will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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