Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Fighters all over the world have to fund their career somehow. For former UFC fighter Yoshinori Horie, he has quite the story.

You hear all the time about how fighters had jobs they worked until they started making it big in MMA, it’s no doubt that most fighters are over the moon when they get to quit that job and focus on MMA full time. In the case of Yoshinori Horie, let’s just say he was glad to be leaving his past behind.

Horie, who currently fights out of RIZIN, admitted to doing sex work in order to fund his dreams of having a successful MMA career. The Japanese fighter would reveal this on his social media.

“Five years ago, when I was with a friend, I was told that I could get money just by handjob in Shibuya,” Horie stated. “But I followed him, but I thought it was like that AV! Lol I was told to hide my face with a solid mosaic and it was explained that it was not like that, but I was deceived in various ways lol I didn’t have the money and I really wanted to do martial arts on my own!”

With not much in his wallet, Horie resorted to this opportunity. Say what you want about it, but it kept the bills paid and his MMA dreams alive.

Also, one thing to note: Horie wants it to be known he’s not homosexual. The fighter just did it for the money.

“I got 20,000 yen in less than an hour, but it was pretty big! I was able to face martial arts in a short time, exceeding the amount of 2 days of part-time work that I do for 8 hours while standing! It’s pretty painful now, but as long as I’m alive I can chase my dreams! And I like women, not gays! I’ve done the money to live to do martial arts.”

Thankfully for Horie, he found himself in a position where he could leave sex work behind him and focus entirely on his MMA career.

Boasting an admirable 12-3 record, the Japanese fighter has strung together three straight wins, Horie competed in the UFC for a short time, but after being knocked out by Hakeem Dawodu at UFC 240, ‘Rising Star’ has gone on a tear in Asia.

He has gone 4-1 since departing from the UFC. Horie currently rides a 3-fight win streak in RIZIN.