Known as Pitbull, and younger brother to Patricky Freire, he’s starting to make a bigger name for himself and is starting to be noticed by the UFC, constantly going on about being the best 145er in the world. He has pitched to Dana White on doing a cross promotional bout with the UFC’s featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

As we wait to see the end of the featherweight tournament in Bellator, it’s starting to look like Patricio Freire may be the best fighter that Bellator has ever had. He currently sit atop Bellator’s new P4P rankings. But with every great fighter outside the UFC, we want to put them up against some more of the best. Let us compare ‘Pitbull’ and the current top 5 of the 145lb division.

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire vs. The Top 5 of the 145lb Division

We’re starting with the number 5 we have “The Korean Zombie”, Chan Sung Jung. Recently losing to Brian Ortega, we see that the Zombie has a disadvantage to calm collected strikers. Not only that, but he seems to be easily countered. We saw multiple knockdowns by Ortega, and a while back we saw him get knocked out by Yair Rodriguez with a 6 to 12 elbow when he became wild with his combination trying to go for the finish. The difference in ground game is in Pitbull’s favor too. We most likely would see a finish by either. It’d be a winner by decision for Pitbull.

Next is the number 4 we have Yair Rodriguez. This would be a very interesting fight because we’ll see such creative striking from Yair. This would most likely get to Pitbull as he hasn’t fought someone who has been such a striker like Rodriguez. The ground game goes to Pitbull, as I can see Pitbull getting a take down submitting Rodriguez in the later rounds.

In the number 3 spot is Zabit Magomedsharipov. This would be a very similar fight to the Yair fight. As we’ve seen, Zabit starts to lose strength and energy as the fight goes on. His cardio is in question and this would favor Pitbull as he has shown the ability to fight a solid 5 rounds. Zabit would gas out and I can see Pitbull winning by knock out.

Number 2 is Brian “T-City” Ortega. Brian is a completely new fighter since his last fight with “The Korean Zombie”. A very composed fighter now with a long striking style and a very impressive ground game. This and the next fight would be the most competitive bouts Pitbull would ever have. I can see how Pitbull would struggle with the ground game and striking of Ortega. Pitbull would need to try and gas Ortega out. Constant pressure would most likely gain him a win by decision, not a knockout.

The number 1 is Max “Blessed” Holloway. This would most likely seem to be a very competitive and difficult bout for Patricio to win. This would be different from the Ortega fight with Max being a massive pressure fighter. His pressure would is very hard to stop or counter. As we saw with Max when he fought Calvin Kattar. The only way I could see Pitbull win is by trying to tire out Max or even just trying to go for a submission early or maybe later. The ladder of which seems more likely.

Finally, we have the champion, Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski. Volkanovski so far has proven to be a challenge for Max Holloway, the former champion, defeating him twice by decision. This would be a bout that would be competitive, but would also be less likely in a loss for Pitbull. We’ve Volkanovski struggle against a striker who can pick his shots preperly and put a serious strength behind each strike as well, which Pitbull is great at. Although in the last fight we saw against Sanchez, we saw how Patricio was also susceptible to leg kicks, which Volkonovski specializes in and can be seen as the reason for defeating Max twice. Although we’ve seen very impressive wrestling from Volkanovski, we’ve yet to see any sort of BJJ. I can see Pitbull winning by finish or even submission in the early rounds.

Pitbull’s Legacy

Now that we see that Pitbull may be one of the best 145ers in the world, it just a question of legacy. So far he has conquered the featherweight division and defeated Michael Chandler for the lightweight title back in 2019 to become a double champion. If Patricio defeats AJ McKee in the tournament, there has to be something relating towards the UFC.

Something like that needs to happen to help further solidify Pitbull’s legacy. As he isn’t a young fighter anymore, he’s in his prime right now. Hopefully he goes through the end of this tournament, we’ll need to hear what Scott Coker does with Pitbull’s contract. Hopefully at some point we can see him in the UFC at some point like his former foe, Michael Chandler.

By Kai Arellano

Hey y’all my name’s Kai Arellano and I live in Pleasant Hill, California. I’m currently a college student at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, California playing baseball for the team. Although I play baseball I’ve been boxing and learning other martial arts since I was 12 and have seriously considered competing in mma at some point. As of right now I really would like to write about mma. I feel it’s really interesting to get that stuff out there and write about what you feel should be talked about.

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