Ian McCall Declines BKFC Fight Offer: “Do I Look Like An Idiot?”

Former UFC Flyweight contender Ian McCall had much to discuss in his interview with MMA Island on Monday, almost 2 years into his retirement from the fight game.

One of the things ‘Uncle Creepy’ brought up was an interesting offer that he laughed off.

“I’m never gonna fight again.” McCall stated. “I got offered a fight in Bare Knuckle (Fighting Championship) recently. They tried to pitch me, big money, big money! And I was like f*ck you… Do I look like an idiot? I’m not fighting in Bare Knuckle, that’s crazy.”

McCall chuckled at the thought of fighting for BKFC, saying “The offer was extremely low, so I laughed at it.”

Being presented with a seemingly low-ball offer from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, the UFC veteran took time to reflect on his MMA career as a whole.

“I don’t want to fight anymore. I’ve been fighting my entire life, since I was 4. That’s all I’ve ever done, train in martial arts. Fist fighting, I’m really good at it. I just want to coach and be happy because I wasn’t happy in my career. I was tortured, I mean, miserable. I was f*cking great. I don’t want to be that person again. I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore. I don’t want to hurt myself more importantly.”

McCall continued and dived into the more real aspects of combat sports that we tend not to focus on.

“People don’t want to admit it, but we’re giving and receiving PTSD while we’re in there. Trauma is sort of the issue. Climbing into a cage in your underwear to beat someone’s ass for blood money. For everyone else it’s pleasure, it’s a little traumatic on the psyche. Even if you’re at these glorious heights like Conor McGregor.”

“It can be wrenching on just every sense of you.”

McCall said he is finally at peace with himself, even regarding all of the unfortunate situations that he’s faced inside his career, two of those being his last 2 fights with Manel Kape and Kyoji Horiguchi in Rizin and the 6 fight cancellations he had in his UFC days.

With or without gloves, we can say that Ian McCall has no intentions of ever fighting again.

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