Israel Adesanya feels like Jon Jones is attempting to steal his shine by prodding at him on social media after his fights.

The middleweight champion says this as their beef continues to heat up, despite a prospected fight being far away, with Izzy looking to fight Jan Blachowicz for his Light-heavyweight title.

“Any time I fight he’s (Jones) always saying something stupid trying to prod.” said Adesanya. “It happened from the Atlanta fight 236 (UFC 236) since then any fight I had he’s always had something to say to try and like, I don’t know if it’s like steal the spotlight but like yeah catch some of my shine if you will.”

Adesanya goes on to say he feels as though Jones is jealous of him because he is what Jones should have been but has held himself back with his actions outside of the cage.

“I don’t know why he’s jealous of me because he shouldn’t be jealous of me, but he is. I can tell you this because it’s easy to recognize when you’ve been there, he’s been that green-eyed monster it’s easy to recognize it when you see it in other people and I see it and I’m like yeah he’s jealous of me because I’m doing exactly what he wished he could have done and he’s all ‘but I’ve done this, the records.”

“But yeah, I don’t have four failed drug tests, I don’t have how many arrests, I don’t you know something with a shotgun as well recently. I’ve never looked into it but I’m like that’s ammo that’s (gun noises) that’s ammo right there, but we’ll see what happens.”

Yeah I don’t know like I can see it, it’s easy for me to see, so he’s definitely a clout trout, he’s a clout trout 100% king-fish clout-trout bar none 400 pound clout-trout.”

If Adesanya beats Blachowicz in their ‘apparently’ set fight, then it looks to be more likely the Jones fight may happen given he only vacated the light-heavy belt this year.

We will just have to see how and if Jones’ foray to heavyweight goes before, we can see these two potentially fighting.

Tom Reed

Student sports journalist at Solent University.

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