42 year-old MMA veteran, Jon Fitch is nearing the end of his professional career, however as Zach Harkness puts it, he has no signs of slowing down.

MMA Island had the honor of catching up with Fitch at the Bellator 246 Virtual Media Day, on Wednesday. When asked about how the 42-fight veteran keeps the pace at 42 years of age, this is what he had to say.

“I lift weights.” Fitch flexed his arm with a smile. “Um, but yeah, I think resistance training, strength training is the real Fountain of Youth.”

Jon Fitch flexes for the cameras at Bellator 246 Virtual Media Day

“There are studies that show that that heavy lifting… it keeps your telomeres long to keep your DNA intact and healthy.”

“I think that I stay away from processed foods. I eat a lot of whole foods, eat a lot of meat, a lot of natural fats. I stay away from seed, oils and vegetable oils. I think I have a good grill, a good diet and lifting weights, training all year-round, not letting myself get too out of shape. I think it’s a big part of being healthy.”

The former title challenger being healthy and active seems to have been a trait passed down from his family or perhaps it’s all just derived from the ‘Fitch Smash’ Program.

“My dad’s 75 and he’s had a heart attack a few years ago, but he’s still a very healthy guy and he’s still very active. He does a lot of woodworking. He’s outside working all the time, plays a lot of golf and you know, I would still say, even though he has a pacemaker, he seems 10 years younger than what he is. I think my grandmother is 95 years old and she’s a ball of energy.”

“Things that move don’t age as fast. So, you know, get off your butt maybe, turn off the Netflix and do something physical, right?”

Instead of streaming a show, Jon Fitch will be in the spotlight of his own show, as he returns to the cage against BJJ specialist Neiman Gracie in the co-main event slot of Bellator 246 this weekend. He looks to maintain the momentum going this Saturday, as he is unbeaten in his last 6 fights.

By Chris De Santiago

Founder of MMA Island, journalist at LowKick MMA and MiddleEasy, formerly Asian Persuasion MMA.

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