Kevin Holland is back in action.

The UFC middleweight contender returns to the Octagon on October 2nd against Kyle Daukaus. A booked fight won’t stop him from picking out potential fights in the future though.

‘Big Mouth’ called out former UFC champion Luke Rockhold. Kevin stated that he would like Luke after at the end of the year after his fight with Kyle Daukaus. He made it clear that he’d like it to be on a decent card as the main event. He supported this desire of his, by drawing attention to Rockhold’s name value.

Kevin also stated that he has been working hard on his heavily criticized lack of grappling ability. He insisted that he is not looking past Daukaus. Kevin also showed eagerness to show off the work he has been putting in, particularly with his wrestling. He seemed confident that after his display of skill against Daukaus, his name would be hot enough in the company for Luke to take the fight.

“Luke [Rockhold] deserves a fight.” Holland told MMA Island. “As long as my name’s ringing bells after this fight– Luke deserves somebody with a nice name right now. My name is not as hot as it needs to be. So, if the name’s hot as it needs to be after the fight, me and Luke can run it. You got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth, right? That’s what 50 Cent said.

“If everybody wants to see me fight Luke Rockhold, I would love for it to be this year.” Holland added. “If it’s going to be this year, it’s probably gonna have to be like a decent card at the end of the year. Everybody hates to see me at main events, but maybe another main event at the end of the year because Luke Rockhold is a big name. First things first, man, let’s get past this guy [Kyle Daukaus]. Once we get past this guy, [we’ll] show the whole world that we’re learning how to wrestle, then we’ll see whatever it is, whatever the UFC wants me to do.

“I can always say I’m a company man. I’m here for the smacking of all smackings and I’m the smack man, baby.”

Kevin believes that Luke deserves somebody popular with a big name, and that his win over Daukaus will get him there. He also fired a few verbal shots at Luke, joking about his frequently criticized inability to take shots.

Holland ended his callouts by talking about his previous two opponents and how he’d like to run it back with them. According to him, Derek Brunson is willing to do the rematch. However, he stated Marvin Vettori has blocked him on all social media, so that rematch is unlikely to happen. Finally, he called out his opponents’ unwillingness to stand up and trade with him. He seemed critical of their preference to take a more wrestling and control-oriented approach to the fight.

Image Credits: MMA Junkie

“You know, these guys, they do a lot of talking, but at the end of the day, they don’t do no striking. They just do a lot of laying and praying.”

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