Las Vegas, Nevada–Let’s face it! His name has been on everyone’s minds. Highlight Reel KO’s, backing up his “big mouth” with an action packed style and winning over hearts and minds has been UFC Middleweight Contender Kevin Holland’s (21-5 MMA) mission as of late. “Fighter Of The Year” was even thrown around a great deal and so with that said, a BOMBSHELL was dropped on the lap of Brendan Fitzgerald. Kevin Holland was at a point in his life (quite recently!) where he didn’t want ANYTHING to do with the UFC.

In a recent conversation with UFC reporter Brendan Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald broached the topic of Dana White’s Contender Series with Holland, the very web series that brought “Trail Blazer” to the promotion.

Fitzgerald: I want to talk about Dana White’s Contender Series. You won by decision. What do you remember about that experience?

Holland: My game plan was not to finish Santiago. Sounds stupid, right? That’s my first fight ever that I was going to win by decision as a pro. I didn’t want the contract , you know, from my understanding that I didn’t want to deal with USADA.

Fitzgerald: Weed?

Holland: Yeah. I was like man, if I can’t smoke, I’m not gonna do this. Oh, no, it’s in competition and out of competition two totally different things. I was just dumb. I was like, I’m gonna wait until I get a little older, maybe I’ll mature a little bit and I won’t need to smoke.

Fitzgerald: It all makes sense. Now, if you were not chasing the finish. you’re just sitting back and you were just like, “No big deal. I’ll cash that check”.

Holland: I’m glad I am where I am. Oh Gawd, I got to fight five times last year. Please, please, please let me fight four to six times a year. I want to be able to say I had a hundred fights one day.

Courtesy: Zuffa LLC

Well, there you have it folks! Can you imagine if sweet Mary Jane ended up really getting in the way of Kevin Holland’s UFC run?! Now on a five fight win streak, a Trail Blazer-less UFC seems simply unimaginable! Officially two and a half whopping years ago now, Holland’s somewhat lackluster win over Will Santiago Jr. is steadily fading in the rear view mirror and being actively replaced with “Fighter Of The Year” accolades. Kevin Holland used to like to smoke. Now he likes to give the smoke. Ay-yoooo!

By Josh Herbold

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