Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Ever wondered why the UFC was never able to make the rematch between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor Mcgregor happen? Well, according to the Russian Superstar, promoter and former UFC champion, they never even tried.

The lightweight supernovas of course, fought at UFC 229. The fight was all Nurmagomedov, who dominated Mcgregor for 3 rounds before submitting him with a neck crank in the fourth. The fight was, thanks to Mcgregor’s insane stardom and the intense bad blood between the two fighters, the highest selling card in the history of the UFC. A staggering 2.2 million PPV buys.

Despite the obvious opportunity for another night of successful business, the UFC never tried to rematch the two. As Nurmagomedov put it, they apparently saw no reason to, anyway.

“They never asked me to fight (McGregor) again,”Khabib said on the FULL SEND PODCAST. “Like UFC say why we have to make this fight again. He have to win some and you have to win then maybe we gonna make. But right now you kill him in 4 rounds and you finish him, he tap, there is like no reason. Like why we have to make rematch?

Clearly the UFC saw no reason for making a rematch which seems reasonable enough.

McGregor has failed to put together a string of wins at lightweight since and has not warranted a title shot yet. And the fight wasn’t nearly as competitive as it should have been to warrant a rematch. Khabib Nurmagomedov last fought at UFC 249 when he submitted Justin Gaethje in the second round with a triangle choke. He retired on that night, refusing to fight without the presence of his late father in his life.

With his career so far behind in the rear view mirror and the success of his new MMA promotion, Eagle FC, we’ll likely never ever see the rematch between the two. The hate between them seems to be far from over though. Whether we see them throw down again or not, there is no doubt in our mind that this was one of the most entertaining rivalries in combat sports history.

By Sidharth Kudva

Sidharth Kudva is an 18 year old rapper, poet, writer and journalist living in the city of Thane in Maharashtra, India.