Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Youtuber and social media star Logan Paul and undefeated professional boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather clashed on Sunday night. The fight took place at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, Florida. The 8 round exhibition went the distance and ended with no winners, as per the rules of the exhibition.

The bout had a slow start with Paul using his jab to try and keep keep the smaller Floyd at range. Apart from a flurry of wild hooks from Paul at the end of the first, the first two rounds were almost uneventful. Floyd did seem to be a little taken aback by Paul’s size.

As the fight progressed however, Floyd became exponentially more accurate and active. With his primary weapon being a lead hook, Floyd tagged Paul multiple times over 6 rounds. With Paul rapidly fading, Floyd’s speed, conditioning and overall experience became blatant as Paul’s shots became more desperate and uncoordinated.

Image Credits: The New York Times

Paul showed surprisingly good defense during the fight, however Floyd carried the youtuber, cruising to an anti-climactic draw. An exhausted and overwhelmed Paul kept initiating clinches whenever he could. However, he never seemed to really be in trouble and was never out of the fight.

The fight invited mixed reactions from the fans, with some unimpressed by the slow nature of the fight and the clinching. Others praised Paul for going 8 rounds with one of the greatest pugilists ever and Floyd for being as sharp and agile as he was at his age.

Image Credits: EssentiallySports

Both men were appreciative of each other after the fight, with Floyd impressed with Logan’s toughness and strength. He admitted that the youtuber was a “tough, rough” competitor and better than he expected. He also stated that he wasn’t the same man he was at 21. However, he was happy that he had a good time in the ring. Paul just seemed to be happy to be there and was very respectful of Floyd and his team. He also referred to Floyd as one of the greatest of all time.

By Sidharth Kudva

Sidharth Kudva is an 18 year old rapper, poet, writer and journalist living in the city of Thane in Maharashtra, India.