Highly-touted prospect from Kazakhstan, Mariya Agapova, ended up being a (-1400) betting favorite over underdog, Shana Dobson. Agapova was heavily expected to win against Dobson who had a record of 3-4, however that was not the case.

The 23 year-old entered the octagon with a very fast work rate that led to a dominant round over Dobson. Many questioned how much longer she could keep up this insane pace. “Danger” gave us an answer. The TUF alumni used her experience and her newly adapted cardio, courtesy of Elevation Fight Team, to run Agapova’s gas tank dry in round 2.

After securing control on the ground, Dobson rained down punches from top control over the exhausted Agapova. The favorite did not defend herself well from this position and the ref called an end to an absolute classic, in which would be the biggest upset since Rousey vs Holm at UFC 193.

Agapova after being beat by the huge underdog, had to be carried out on the stretcher out of the Octagon, after her spent cardio got the best of her.

The next day, the Kazakhstan native took to Instagram to reflect on the gas tank expenditure that led to the second loss of her career.

“IT WAS A FUNNY PARTY. And I really had fun until the second round. Until I ran out of gas and the referee suddenly stopped the fight.”

While the odds did not end up being in her favor, Agapova holds her head up high with a strong mentality.

“I do not consider this a defeat. Failure is when you give up your dream and walk away. For me, this is just a lesson. Just an experience. My journey is just beginning. Thank you guys for all of your support.”

“I will be back stronger. I always go to the end.”

Mariya Agapova entered the UFC with a showcase submission win over Hannah Cifers earlier this year in Las Vegas and while the hype train may have been slowed, we can expect a more determined and stronger Agapova in the mix later down the line.

By Chris De Santiago

Founder and lead editor of MMA Island, former journalist at Asian Persuasion MMA.

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