UFC middleweight Markus Perez, shockingly, is asking to be cut by the UFC.

Maluko is coming off 3 straight losses and is 2-5 in the promotion, with his last fight being a unanimous decision lost to Dalcha Lungiambula at UFC on ESPN 20, in January.

The 30-year-old feels as though someone more worthy should take his place saying: “My situation is delicate, but I’m not afraid. I even think the UFC should fire me. “I don’t think it’s right for a guy with two wins and five losses to stay hired, taking the opportunity from someone who’s fighting well.

“I don’t deserve to be in the UFC now. I didn’t earn it. They should let me go. I need to leave, solve my problems, win some fights in order to come back. Then I’ll be able to say I’m starting my life here (in the UFC). They haven’t talked to me, but I’m sure (I’ll be fired). I didn’t show them who I am.”

However, Perez went on to say he should have won his last three if extenuating circumstances didn’t get in the way.

“The feeling is frustration, no matter what. I’m a better fighter than that,” Perez said. “Those were three fights I shouldn’t have lost. In Sao Paulo (when I fought Wellington Turman), the mother of my child told me she was pregnant in a rude way and my head wasn’t in the right place.

“The next fight, I cut my finger one week before the fight and fought with 16 stitches on my finger. I wore a bandage so nobody would see it. In my last fight, I was in bed for four days with a sore throat. I was in bad shape, I couldn’t even train. It hindered my cardio. Could I have won? Sure, but why do those things happen? You can’t explain it. Maybe it’s something divine making me ready for something bigger down the line.”

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