Mike Perry is in the news for all the wrong reasons again. ‘Platinum’ Perry weighed in at 175.5 pounds, a whopping 4.5 pounds over the Welterweight limit ahead of his fight against veteran Tim Means tomorrow night. He will forfeit 30% of his purse.

Fans have criticised Perry for his unprofessionalism after the fighter posted videos of him eating brownies, burgers and pizzas just over a week before this fight, ahead of a big weight cut.

Earlier today, Perry worryingly tweeted that he did not believe he was going to make the 171 pound welterweight limit. He also said ‘I’m just in over my head’ and that the cut felt like death to him.

Platinum Perry then put the icing on the cake on the scales today, dabbing while the commissioner announced the dreadful weight he read. It now seems that the MMA community has grown tired of Perry’s antics, and he has seen himself go from a beloved cult hero to one of the villains of the sport. We will all be waiting to see Dana White’s comments on this, as Perry could see himself without a job regardless of if he triumphs or loses tomorrow. We have just witnessed another chapter of the crazy, rollercoaster career of Platinum Mike Perry.

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