Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

CFFC 94’s catchweight co-main event between undefeated Devin Goodale and Olympic wrestler Khetag Pliev ended in disaster as Pliev’s finger went missing after the second round. The situation baffled fans and commentators alike, with CM Punk even asking “John Morgan, where is his finger?” Perhaps I can answer that, Punk.

Within the opening minute of the first round, Pliev’s left hand/finger was noticeably damaged while checking a high kick from Goodale. As Pliev went back to his corner, he could be seen inspecting his hand before preparing for the second round. This was foreshadowing to something truly harrowing.

As the second round continued, Pliev took Goodale down against the cage. Goodale can be seen grabbing Pliev’s glove and fingers from the bottom and pulling them away so he could land elbows. This dislodged Pliev’s glove and hand, leading to his left ring finger being jammed backwards inside the glove.

The commentators, CM Punk and John Morgan, immediately took notice of the foul, however the referee didn’t notice until Khetag looked directly at the ref and showed him what was happening. Round 2 ended standing up and as Pliev made his way to cutman to ask him to fix his glove, that’s when they realized he was a digit short.

Pliev’s finger had completely bent back to the point of a compound fracture at the base of his left ring finger. The rest of his finger was still inside the glove making it seem as though the finger had fallen off or completely disappeared, prompting CM Punk to make an announcement for those in attendance to check under their seats for a “missing finger” and some other finger-related puns/banter.

Luckily the finger was “found” at the hospital, where nurses removed the mma glove with scissors and revealed the finger was (luckily) still attached, via a video from Khetag’s coach. When interviewed by CM Punk, Goodale said he got hit and couldn’t recall anything about the fight.

Overall, the craziest part of this entire situation isn’t the foul or the ref not really noticing the foul, but the fact that Pliev stated that he would’ve continued fighting had the doctor not called it off. If only Pliev had pleaded April Fools, they might’ve let him continue. 

The finger was later fully reattached.

By John O'Brien

John O'Brien is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with an extensive body of work. Worked from the age of 12 years old with experience in management, radio, game show hosting, production, and a special focus on writing. Interests are MMA, the cannabis industry and food. No specific order.