Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

The time has arrived. With everyone successfully making weight this morning, UFC 254 is a go. Holding one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history, UFC 254 promises to deliver. These are your expert predictions for UFC 254, Khabib vs Gaethje.

Early Main Card Fights

Magomed Ankalaev vs Ion Cutelaba 

Ross / MMAMatchmaking: Ion Cutelaba

Keelin McNamara: Magomed Ankalaev

Hunter Bos: Ion Cutelaba

Erik Larson: Magomed Anakalaev

Jack Kennedy: Ion Cutelaba

Lauren Murphy vs Liliya Shakirova

Ross / MMAMatchmaking: Lauren Murphy

Keelin McNamara: Lauren Murphy

Hunter Bos: Lauren Murphy

Erik Larson: Lauren Murphy

Jack Kennedy: Lauren Murphy

Jacob Malkoun vs Phil Hawes

Ross / MMAMatchmaking: Phil Hawes

Keelin McNamara: Jacob Malkoun 

Hunter Bos: Phil Hawes

Erik Larson: Phil Hawes

Jack Kennedy: Phil Hawes

Second Half of the Main Card

Alexander Volkov vs Walt Harris

Ross / MMAMatchmaking: Walt Harris. Volkov is the better striker, possibly one of the best technicality sound strikers in the division, but after seeing how he handled Blaydes wrestling, I think Harris will do about the same to Volkov, and here’s another thing…. Harris striking is better than Blaydes so Volkov is in for some trouble. 

Keelin McNamara: Alexander Volkov

Hunter Bos: Walt Harris

Erik Larson: Walt Harris; Harris’ power and pressure will be too much for Volkov.

Jack Kennedy: I’ve got to take Walt here. Volkov is definitely the more technically sound fighter, but Harris possesses that raw heavyweight power that can put anyone to sleep.

Robert Whittaker vs Jared Cannonier

Ross / MMAMatchmaking: Robert Whittaker. I really wanted to pick Jared on this but my heart and soul tell me Robert’s big fight experience and maybe even some wrestling will get this W for Whittaker.

Keelin McNamara: Robert Whittaker; his intelligence and ability to adapt to his opponent is quite widely underestimated.

Hunter Bos: Robert Whittaker; His fight IQ and history with dealing with heavy hitters will give him the upper edge. Whittaker just has more experience all around

Erik Larson: Jared Cannonier. The MMA Gods demand a sacrifice and the Killa Gorilla is going full Apocalypto, delivering up Bobby Knuckles to satisfy their thirst for violence.

Jack Kennedy: Going Cannonier for this one. I absolutely love Bobby Knuckles, but going 10 rounds with Yoel Romero has taken its toll. Though Robert Whittaker has more in his pocket, Cannonier has been on an absolute tear lately and will get the win in this one.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

Ross / MMAMatchmaking: Justin Gaethje. Everyone says it, but I truly believe Justin Gaethje is the man to dethrone Khabib. Personally, I believe Gaethje is the best 155 on the planet and he will show it. He will stuff Khabibs takedowns (mostly) and his power will be too much for Khabib to take. As long as Justin keeps it in the center of the octagon, I love this fight for Gaethje.

Keelin McNamara: Heart says Justin, head says Khabib; think Khabib WILL win, but I WANT Justin to win.

Hunter Bos: Khabib, though Justin may have good wrestling, Justin hasn’t used his wrestling in the UFC or even attempted a takedown. He may be too rusty to wrestle against the best MMA fighter of all time.

Erik Larson: Justin Gaethje. After seeing what his leg kicks and left hook did to Tony Ferguson, I have faith he’ll be able to damage Khabib. Justin by round 3 TKO.

Jack Kennedy: I recently published an article about why Justin Gaethje could upset the champ. For a number of reasons, Gaethje will be the toughest fighter Khabib has ever had to face. However, though Justin has the potential to beat Khabib, I will not believe it until I see it. Khabib takes this one. 

By Jack Kennedy

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