Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Controversy hit Cage Titans last month when Brandon DeMoura faced Carlos Vespaziano.

After the announcer Andy Kurzontowski declared the bout as a split decision victory for Vespaziano, the crowd begin chanting “Robbery!” and booing. After a few minutes, people noticed that the fighters had not left the cage, and instead, the cage was now occupied by more Cage Titan staff, the judges, and the MSAC.

After about ten minutes, the result is re-announced. Again, Vespaziano was announced as the victor once, confusing everyone. The mic is then passed to Cage Titans promotor Michael Polvere who explains the situation.

Essentially, one of the judges mixed up the fighters were so he ended up giving Vespaziano’s scores to DeMoura and vice versa, causing his score to be in favor of Vespaziano when it should have been for DeMoura.

He also explained that once a score is written down on score is written on the scorecard and signed, it is legally binding. Therefore, the bout would continue to be Vespaziano’s victory unless an appeal is made.

MSAC Commissioner Brian Lambert later came back to the media room to explain the situation in more detail to Cage Titans media and MMA Island.

“What I think will happen is Brandon’s team will appeal it, as they should. We have a judge on the record saying he made an error. It’ll come before the commission; we’ll look at all the evidence that’s presented to us which will probably include testimony from the judge just saying ‘I made a mistake, this is what I should have entered’ and we’ll make a decision on that…and most likely the decision will be overturned…to a win for Brandon.”

-Massachusetts State Atheltic Commissioner Brian Lambert

The Appeal

MMA Island reached out to Brandon DeMoura who told us that his team did appeal the decision and that the case would be heard on March 9th, 2022. His team is Team Soulless which is headed by UFC Fighter Kris Moutinho.

DeMoura then reached out to MMA Island to inform us that his appeal is successful and he now holds the victory for the bout.

“I’m just glad the judge’s mistake got fixed.”

Brandon DeMoura vs Carlos Vespaziano

You can watch Brandon DeMoura vs Carlos Vespaziano fight below.

By Andrew Mac

I'm a 20-year-old Kempo Karate practitioner from Massachusetts who also trains in Judo, BJJ, wrestling, Goju-ryu, and Japanese Jujutsu. Alongside being a journalist, I am a senior instructor at Cervizzi's Martial Arts Academy and a student at Merrimack College studying Criminology/Criminal Justice.