On April 7th 2007, Georges St-Pierre was going to defend his newly won UFC Welterweight Championship for the first time. His opponent was Matt Serra, who had just won The Ultimate Fighter 4 tournament to earn himself a shot at the champion. Nobody could’ve ever predicted what would happen that night.

Going into the fight, St-Pierre had just one loss in his entire career, a submission loss to Matt Hughes, who was previously the longest reigning welterweight champion at the time. St-Pierre would ultimately avenge his loss to Hughes at UFC 65 when he would finish him to become the newly crowned welterweight champion.

Serra on the other hand was 4-4 in the UFC, and had just come off a razor close win against Chris Lytle to win season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter, which guaranteed him a title shot against St-Pierre.

Serra was a massive underdog going into this bout. The scenario of Serra fighting for the title was heavily criticized at the time, as people considered it to be a mismatch. Serra seemed to be the least of St-Pierre’s worries. Serra had an incredible ground game and was expected to win only if he was able to pull off a submission. On paper, St-Pierre was going to have the striking and wrestling advantage, and it was predicted to be an easy night for the champion.

But one thing we should know about MMA math is that it never really works. This fight just proved that. About three minutes into the fight, Serra landed a heavy right hook on the champion which rocked him. St-Pierre tried to recover but Serra continued to explode on him, ultimately knocking him down and finishing the fight via TKO 3:25 into the first round.

Serra who was never expected to be able to strike with St-Pierre went on to put on an absolute beating on him and proceeded to knock him out, in what would be considered to this day as one of the biggest upsets in MMA history. He literally did the impossible by beating St-Pierre, and to this day remains the only man to ever knock him.

This fight would end up being the final loss of St-Pierre’s historic career. The two would ultimately rematch at UFC 83, with Serra as the champion and St-Pierre being the interim champion. St-Pierre would finish Serra within two rounds to unify the titles, and would go on a legendary run as champion, defending his newly won title 9 times before finally retiring in 2013.

By Akshay Gangakhedkar

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