Former Cage Warriors featherweight champion Paddy Pimblett says he’s going to knockout Davide Martinez and then sign with the UFC.

‘The baddy’ will face Martinez at Cage Warriors 122 on March 20, in a lightweight bout.

Pimblett has already turned down offers from the UFC twice already but is ready to start his UFC career soon.

“I’m going to take Davide Martinez’s chin home with me and then I’m going to sign the UFC contract” Pimblett said. “Then I’m going to fight again in the next two or three months. That’s my plan. I’m not coming out of camp after this fight.”

The scouse fighter is no longer set on repeating Conor McGregor’s achievement of being Cage Warriors 145 and 155 champion, as current lightweight title holder Agy Sadari doesn’t want to fight him.

“Martinez is getting finished them I’m signing. Forget the belt now I can’t be asked, I wanted to fight Agy but Agy didn’t want the fight so I’m just going to go.”

Pimblett says he wants to show off his striking in the bout.

“Martinez is more of a grappler, he comes out an wrestles, so I’ve been working on that at the gym.” Pimblett said. “I just want to go out and have a war, I want to stand up and take his head off.

“This fight I’m going to stand and strike, but I’m going to do what my coach tells me to do. Paul wants me to wrestle because he (Martinez) is going to try and put me on my back, but we all know how good my counter wrestling is but it’s my offensive wrestling.

“If I need to put my offensive wrestling on him I will but I think I’m going to out strike him. To be honest I think I’m going to get the finish in the first round.

“He’s a lot shorter than me, so I’m guessing he’s going to try and get inside, but I’ll keep him away with my kicks and hands and I’ll capitalize when he tries to step in.”

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