Randy Brown Praises Belal Muhammad And Vicente Luque: ‘Those Guys Are The Future Of The Division’

A new year means a fresh slate of opportunities for fighters in the UFC. Whether they’re looking to build on momentum they established previously, or embark on new beginnings, it’s a new day.

You can’t move forward without reflecting. Welterweight Randy Brown sat down with MMA Island to do just that.

Randy Brown Recaps Previous Bout

Let’s have a look at Randy’s last fight. “Rude Boy” faced off against Jared Gooden, who missed weight for their bout. That’s not the only adversity Brown faced for this Welterweight scrap, though. ‘The Night Train’ suffered an injury mid-fight that he had to deal with. In MMA, you’ve always got to stay on your toes. He elaborates on needing to make adjustments in the midst of combat:

“That was the first time that’s ever happened to me, honestly.” Brown told MMA Island. “It’s a unique situation you know… You’re fighting, you’re full of adrenaline, and you just go.”

Randy is referring to his toe here, which he dislocated in the Octagon in October of 2021.

“You do what you’ve got to do, the toe popped out. I just popped it back in and kept pushing, you know”…” We counted it. We watched it over and counted how many times I stepped on it. It turned out to be like 27 times.”

Being A Dynamic Fighter

The mental toughness Randy showed to play doctor and patient is no doubt part of what makes him a talented fighter. This edge paired with range, readiness, and well-roundedness are effective tools that Brown uses in the cage. Randy has many tools at his disposal, in either major realm of fighting. When asked about what being a dynamic fighter means to him, he said

“It’s huge. I think it’s extremely important. One of my biggest fears is falling victim to ‘styles make fights’. I feel like a lot of fighters, or most fighters fall victim to that.”

Elaborating further on how crucial dynamism is, Randy harkened back to the first fight card of 2022, using Giga Chikadze as an example of how things can go wrong if you’re not prepared for every aspect.

“We saw, not to pick on Giga or anything, but… Giga is a tremendous athlete, you know what I mean? He’s someone I’ve trained with before. I think that guy is top-tier even though the fight played out the way it did recently. I just use him as an example because it’s fresh. You can see kind of the way he was taken advantage of in certain areas of the fight game.”

Past Opponents And What The Horizon Holds

There’s no growth without learning from the past, and every loss can be a lesson with the right mindset. at 14-4, his losses are few and far between. Two of these losses for Randy came at the hands of two of Welterweight’s strongest competitors: Belal Muhammad and Vicente Luque.

“‘Ah, man. Those losses aged well I guess. Belal in particular, I think Belal has progressed tremendously. I think Belal has some of the best Fight IQ out there in the Welterweight division’… ‘Vicente Luque, same thing. He’s extremely consistent in his style, he’s always been consistent… I think both those guys are the future of the division right now.'”

To get those match-ups back would be “a cherry on top” for Randy Brown, but he’s just trying to get to his destination and be the best fighter he can be.

Ready-ing Up For 2022

In his signing off remarks for his fans and the MMA community, “Rude Boy” said:

“Get ready to see a lot of me. Trust me, I’m gonna be around a lot. You’re gonna see my face a lot. You’re gonna hear my name a lot… and I love y’all man!”

A promising fighter in every respect you can imagine, It’s exciting to think about what the new year has in store for Randy Brown. The Welterweight division is wide open right now, and once he’s back to 100% it’s off to the races. His sights are set on the ranked fighters in the top-15, and he’s looking to continue climbing the 170 lb. ladder. When it’s go-time for Touch N’ Go, it doesn’t matter where the fight takes place. As he puts it:

“Wherever I’m at, I’m looking to win. And that’s it.”

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