Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
Anthony Pettis vs Clay Collard

Rory Macdonald had something to say about Anthony Pettis’ unsuccessful debut under the PFL banner.

Macdonald, the former Bellator Welterweight Champion and UFC title challenger, makes his highly anticipated PFL debut at PFL 2 this Thursday. There was another UFC compatriot who made his promotional debut a week prior, former UFC champion Anthony Pettis.

The “Showtime” of old, didn’t show out until the last minutes of his fight with UFC veteran Clay Collard. Pettis was being outclassed by the pro boxer on the feet in rounds 1 & 2. He was nearly finished twice in the sequel round.

Pettis would come back in the third. With vintage style, he landed a headkick from hell and a flying knee to top it off, rocking Collard. However, Pettis was unable to finish the fight and the main event would go the distance. Collard would win by unanimous decision after dominance shown in rounds 1 & 2.

The new PFL poster boy wouldn’t score any points having lost to Collard. Pettis is now ranked at #9 in the PFL Lightweight standings for its 2021 season.

Mac’s Thoughts

Macdonald, who also makes his first promotional appearance at PFL 2 this Thursday, would break down what went wrong for the former UFC Champ in his first fight outside the Octagon since 2010.

“It wasn’t his best performance.” Macdonald told MMA Island. “Clay got in his face and really put the pressure on him for the first two rounds. He was able to come back strong in the third and land that big head kick, but it seemed to me that he was waiting too much. I don’t know what the factor is, why he wasn’t pulling the trigger as much, or if he was looking for a big flashy knockout. But, Clay brought it to him, got in his face and made it a really difficult fight for them.

“So, just shows you can’t sleep on anybody, you know, coming from a big organization like UFC, you got to fight everybody as if it was your championship fight.”

Rory Macdonald, PFL Media Day (April 26, 2021)

The Return to 170?

Pettis, pre-fight, mentioned he will ‘most definitely’ move up to Welterweight in the near future. Pettis has previously knocked out Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson at 170 lbs and also went to war with Nate Diaz.

With Welterweight being in his sights, perhaps a promotional super-fight between him and “The Red King” will take place at some point in the coming 2022 season. Macdonald is 100% in.

“Absolutely.” Macdonald answered, when asked about fighting Pettis. “I would be interested in that.”

“When he first signed, I thought he was going to be at 170. I thought that was going to be a great addition, but you know, he balances between the two. So, if next year he decides to go to 170 for PFL, absolutely. I think that would be a great matchup.”

Macdonald will look to make a successful entrance to his new promotion. He has made it to the top in the UFC and has earned gold in Bellator. Rory Macdonald makes his PFL debut against fellow UFC and Bellator veteran, Curtis Millender in the main event PFL 2 on Thursday, April 29th.

By Chris De Santiago

Chris De Santiago is a 20-year-old journalist out of Texas. He is the founder of MMA Island and also works for