Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

The #12 Bantamweight Contender Sean O’Malley posted a video where he gave random Walmart shoppers $100 and $20, proving that he can live up to his sweet nickname of “Sugar” Sean.

Sean O’Malley fought three times in 2021, and all three garnered him 50 g’s. The #12 Bantamweight contender decided to invest more than $1,000 of his sweet treat in his community.

Sweet Like Sugar

O’Malley gave out more than $1,000 in cash to random Walmart shoppers, and the reactions were priceless. Inside stores, O’Malley gave away $100 to a select few shoppers. He even stood outside and gave out $20 bills. Of course, not everyone would accept the money, but those who did can say it paid off.

Several fans came up to get pictures with O’Malley, even a few Walmart employees. It’s crazy to think how to some of these fans when they just expected to get a picture, they got that and more. With this act of kindness, it may be fair to say that Sean O’Malley is undefeated when giving back to his community, whether that be through money or entertaining fights.

Marlon Vera’s Response

As many would expect, the video would get a ton of public response, including one from the only man to beat O’Malley: Marlon Chito Vera.

“U don’t need a camera guy to help people.” Vera said of O’Malley’s charity work. “You piece of sh*t.”

Vera believes that O’Malley’s acts of kindness are invalidated since he recorded it for his YouTube channel. Some agree with Marlon’s take, but some disagree, stating that money was still given out regardless. Who do you side with?

By Sam Niekson

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