Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

The undefeated Khamzat Chimeav is on the hunt for a ranked opponent to face and has been calling fighters out, left and right, and it is Darren Till who would respond to this call-outs, saying he would like to do battle with the rising star after his bout with Jack Hermansson.

“This guy is nice guy but not my level.” Chimaev said. “I’m gonna take him down and I’m gonna smash him.”

This kicked off a series of social media posts directed towards one another with the Englishman firing the first shot.

“Trust me @KChimaev will fall before my knees, it’s not even gonna be close.”

Till then proceeded to post several images of ‘Borz’ depicting different emotions, shortly afterwards Chimeav had a clever comeback for the Liverpool southpaw.

“You mean like this @darrentill2 ? Because this really wasn’t close”

Furthermore, Chimeav would go on to respond to Till’s fanfare of posts about him on Instagram.

“My biggest fan @darrentill2

Khamzat Chimeav has had many trouble trying to find a ranked opponent to fight. “The Gorilla,” however with a fight already present and set, seems very interested in a fight with “The Wolf” and looks to step up by ‘stepping down’ to fight one of the biggest unranked prospects in the sport today.

We can only assume that the social media banter between the two will increase in the following days and weeks to come, creating a hype like no other between a past and present hype train, on the tracks of the UFC middleweight division.