In light of UFC Fight Night: Ortega vs The Korean Zombie; many journalists are discussing Brian Ortega’s groundbreaking performance against The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung.

Ortega, a +175 underdog coming into the fight, was expected to show off his spectacular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background; and many of the conversations going into the fight were solely based on who has the advantage on the ground? The fight that we were greeted to though, was a fight that nobody could have anticipated. Although, Brian Ortega has a mixed-martial arts background in Muay Thai Kickboxing; most fans know T-City for his beautiful work on the ground and in guard.

On Saturday night though, Ortega came in with a chip on his shoulder and proved to the world that he can compete with the very best. Ortega landed 129 total strikes, 127 of those being significant strikes, and managed 3 takedowns throughout the fight. He was outworking The Korean Zombie in all aspects; and The Zombie could not adapt to the fight that Ortega had to bring

Ortega was cool, calm and collected throughout the entire 25 minute bout; and that is no easy task when facing an opponent like The Korean Zombie. Ortega came out looking unscathed and held his head high with a 50-45 unanimous decision victory against a challenging opponent.

Looking ahead, it is obvious that Brian is next in line to fight the current featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski. If Brian Ortega can compete the way he did on Saturday night; I think we may be seeing a new king of the featherweight division crowned very soon.

By Nick Parks

I am a 20 year old broadcast journalism student looking to get my start in MMA journalism. I am a huge fan of the sport and am very excited to get started as an MMA journalist

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