Last week on The Ultimate Fighter, we saw two worthy Middleweights in Ryder Newman and Tresean Gore go at it. As we know by now, Gore came out victorious with a unanimous decision nod over Team Volkanovski’s Newman. Both of them opened up about their bout in the beginning of this week’s episode, pointing out that now they can be friendly without having to worry about fighting each other. 

In order to help Team Volkanovski improve, Volk called up the UFC’s #6 Welterweight contender Michael Chiesa. Mike explained that he loved the opportunity to be around such young and hungry guys, just like he was when he appeared on Season 15 of The Ultimate Fighter back in 2012. It also didn’t hurt that Team Volkanovski Bantamweight Brady Hiestand had trained with Chiesa back in Spokane, Washington.

Brian Ortega seemed to take a page out of Volkanovski’s book and had a small get together with his team and shared all kinds of food in the house.

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Showcasing this week’s fight were two Bantamweights, Dustin “Scrappy” Lampros (MMA Island’s very own) and Vincent Murdock. With professional records of 5-0 and 12-4 respectively, this one proved to pinpoint what an entertaining fight is all about. Let’s meet the competitors for this week:

Dustin “Scrappy” Lampros

A smiling Lampros answered questions on media day/via MMA Junkie

Dustin Lampros opened up with a very tough story about how hard it has been to be a role model for his little brother after their mother passed away from addiction. He explained that he fights for her and for his siblings to try and be there for them, even if he physically cannot be. Fighting out of Sanford MMA, Lampros looked to grab a spot in the Bantamweight semifinals and UFC Lightweight title challenger Michael Chandler put his faith in Lampros to win the whole show. Lampros would be putting his perfect 5-0 professional record on the line against Vince Murdock.

Vince Murdock

Murdock poses for the camera/via

Living in Sacramento, California, life has not been easy at all for Vince. After being signed by the UFC in 2019, he had a medical screening which included a brain scan. Luckily he never competed in the UFC before noticing that there was a severe issue in his brain as his blood vessels were beginning to grow closed.

He was diagnosed with an extremely rare brain disease called Moyamoya. He was able to overcome such a deadly disease with an 11 hour emergency brain surgery and months of rehab in order to finally get clearance from his doctor to compete again. Fighting out of Team Alpha Male alongside some of the UFC’s best to offer over the last few years, fighters including former Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt and former title challenger and gym leader, Uriah Faber will look to push Vince Murdock to overcome his hardships and win his first fight for his wife and unborn child.

Making Weight

Lampros and Murdock embrace in a stare-down after making weight/via

Both fighters did make weight, but not without some struggles of course. Murdock was first to the scale and weighed in at an even 136 on the first try. Dustin was then called up next and was a bit too heavy. The commission ordered him to strip down and stand in the body tent, but he was still too heavy. Lampros was aggravated but was given one hour to cut the remaining weight, which was revealed to be less than a pound. He came back shortly after and made 136 with no hesitation. The fight was on.

The Fight is ON

The fight started off with good feints from Vince and a very hard low calf kick from Lampros. Lampros seemed to demonstrate good head movement early on and also kept consistent pressure on Vince. Both fighters traded low kicks for a bit as the feeling out process was evident. Against the cage, Vince threw a nice right hand that landed clean on Dustin, but he ate it. The Team Alpha Male prospect continued to land a few clean shots that Dustin continued to eat, until he couldn’t anymore.

Vince threw a beautiful 1-2 combo that sat Dustin on his butt in the middle of the octagon. Vince then grabbed onto Dustin’s back and landed some ground and pound with the intention of finishing the fight. Dustin was able to work his way up against the cage, but unfortunately for him, Vince grabbed positioning and landed a perfect right knee that crumbled Dustin to the canvas. Referee Jason Herzog stopped the fight. Vince Murdock is your winner via round 1 knockout.


Dustin was visibly pissed off and upset that he couldn’t perform for his family, but both competitors showed respect for each other after the fight and talked it out. Vince definitely showed that he has punching power and that experience certainly helps, as he was able to keep his distance from the longer Dustin and pick his punches very well.

This makes it now 4-0 for Team Ortega for this season on The Ultimate Fighter. Upset with the result, Volkanovski began to bicker at Team Ortega as they showed up late for the next Middleweight fight announcement. Both teams barked at each other with even Michael Chiesa getting in on the fun and defending the Team Volkanovski boys.

The next fight will be Bryan Battle (Team Volkanovski) vs Kemran Lachinov (Team Ortega). You can watch next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter on ESPN+ and check back for next week’s recap here on MMA Island.

By Michael King

I’m an 18 year old freshman at Quinnipiac University who has more recently has gotten into MMA and the UFC. I have a podcast and blog/website I try my best to run and I talk about all sports but you will see I am starting to become partial to MMA in my blogs. I would love to learn more and grow with the sport.

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