Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

On last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Bryan Battle and Kemran Lachinov entertained the fans in a great fight. Battle won that one with a unanimous decision victory over Lachinov. 

This week, Brian Ortega has already started his antics as he disables the cars of the coaching staff from Team Volkanovski. Volkanovski however, did not react very angrily and actually laughed quite a bit. Instead of driving their cars that morning, the yellow and blue coaches would have to ride donkeys/horses.

The Matchup

This week’s matchup consisted of bantamweights Ricky Turcios of Team Volkanovski and Dan Argueta of Team Ortega. Last week, Bryan Battle picked up the very first win of the contest for Team Volkanovski, finally breaking the 4 fight losing streak. This week, Volkanovski hoped that his guy Ricky would get the job done in order to create a shift in momentum for fights to come. 

Ricky Turcios

Ricky Turcios in 2017 on the DWCS/via The Houston Chronicle

Ricky Turcios is from Houston, Texas and comes from Filipino descent. He trains out of Gracie Barra The Woodlands and spoke about how he enjoys teaching children martial arts because it can teach them some discipline that they may not be learning at home. With a record of 10-2 professionally, Ricky has the edge in terms of experience in this fight with Dan. Ricky made an appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2017 against Boston Salmon, but ultimately lost the fight. Ricky is hoping to bring his awkward style into the octagon and give Dan some problems.

Dan Argueta

Dan Argueta gets his hand raised after a successful bout/via

Fighting out of Orland Park, Illinois is Dan Argueta. Dan currently possesses a perfect 5-0 professional record with his last win coming via unanimous decision at LFA 90 vs Jackson Filho. Dan explains that he actually dislikes fighting but the reason he continues to do it is because he excels at it. Dan’s mother comes from Honduras and his father is of Guatemalan descent. Dan splits time between California and New Mexico, but when in California, he trains at the Gracie Barra Headquarters. Dan is looking to defeat Ricky in this week’s matchup.

Making Weight

Ricky and Dan face off before their week 6 bout/via

Both fighters successfully made weight, with Ricky weighing in at 134.5 pounds, and Dan coming in at 135 even. The Ultimate Fighter Episode 6 is a go!

Round 1

Round 1 was super close. Ricky and Dan shared instances of brawling then clinching often. Both fighters landed clean shots to the chin and Ricky landed some nice kicks. Dan showed his strength and skill by denying Ricky’s takedowns. Dan attacked late with a guillotine attempt, but couldn’t get it secured. The judges scored this one for Dan. 1-0.

Round 2

Round 2 started off pretty similar to round 1. Ricky landed more this round and seemed to crack Dan at a few instances. Dan also seemed visibly exhausted towards the end of the round, showing how hard Ricky had worked him. Both fighters showed great ability to disengage from the clinch and also land clean, hard shots. Ricky attacked with a triangle choke late in the round, but Dan was able to move out of it. He was then able to roll into a position to grab both of Dan’s feet and Ricky attempted to go for a toe hold. Ricky was given this one and it would stand 1-1 heading into a sudden death third round. 

Round 3: Sudden Death

Round 3 began and Ricky slowly approached Dan while putting his mouthpiece in. Dan was quickly able to attack with another guillotine, but was unsuccessful. Ricky was then able to grab top position with half guard and put lots of shoulder pressure on Dan’s neck. Ricky then attacked with a rear naked choke and secured a body triangle. He held Dan here and landed some shots to Dan’s head. Ricky and Dan rolled around until the last few seconds, where Ricky rained down on Dan and was able to secure the decision win.

Result/Next Week Preview

With this win, Ricky was able to put Team Volkanovski back on the map and give the team the momentum they needed to get even with Team Ortega. 

Next week’s matchup will be Brady Hiestand (Team Volkanovski) taking on close friend Josh Rettinghouse (Team Ortega). Catch next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter on ESPN+ and next week’s recap here at MMA Island.

By Michael King

I’m an 18 year old first-year at Quinnipiac University who has more recently has gotten into MMA and the UFC. I have a podcast and blog/website I try my best to run and I talk about all sports but you will see I am starting to become partial to MMA in my blogs. I would love to learn more and grow with the sport.