In last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, roommates and training partners Josh Rettinghouse and Brady Hiestand faced off in the bantamweight division. It was a hard fought battle, but ultimately, Brady took the win for Team Volkanovski. 

This Week’s Matchup

This week, Team Ortega’s Miles Hunsinger was set to take on Gilbert Urbina, the third Urbina brother to fight on The Ultimate Fighter. These middleweights would be the last quarterfinal matchup of the season.

The episode starts off with Urbina explaining his family means everything to him. He comes from Mercedes, Texas and keeps his family extremely close. He explains that his whole family is behind him and took his brothers Hector and Elias’s experiences on TUF very seriously. 

Gilbert Urbina answers media day questions with a smile.

Disaster Strikes

Four days out from the fight, Miles was sparring with fellow teammate Tresean Gore when he threw a switch kick that didn’t land correctly. Miles came down on his knee and immediately felt the pain. The next day, he would find out that he had a Grade 2 MCL tear in his left knee. After further doctor consultation, Miles was told that it was not too severe, but also not something to take lightly and that it was his call to fight or pull out.

Miles tried to bounce around on it and test his limits, but the pain was too much to handle and ultimately came to the decision that he would pull out of his fight with Gilbert.

The Replacement

Gilbert was left with no opponent, until Dana White stepped in with some news. Michael Gillmore, who was rejected from this season, would be replacing the injured Hunsinger. He stated that he quit his job to try to realise his dream of competing for the UFC. Gillmore stayed in Vegas in case an opportunity arose, and luckily for him, one did. On two days’ notice, the 34 year old would be competing against Gilbert on The Ultimate fighter. Miles would be sent home from the house to recover.

Gillmore partakes in media day questions.

The fight was now set, again. Gillmore was in a rough spot, as he only had two days to prepare for the biggest fight of his life. Rener Gracie tried to teach him as much as he could about positioning on the ground and what Gilbert might try to do.

Making Weight

Gilbert Urbina would weigh in successfully at 185.5 pounds. Michael Gillmore would follow up weighing in at 185.5 as well. It was official.

The Fight

The fight started with a very fast left hand from Gilbert and instantly he had Michael’s back. Gilbert was in a great spot in the early stages of this fight. Gilbert landed some strong ground and pound after getting back mount. Eventually, Gilbert was able to land his back again and secured both hooks and threatened with a rear naked choke. Oddly enough, Michael’s corner was asking him to elbow Gilbert’s shin, a very unorthodox strike. While doing so, Gilbert landed heavy right hands and was able to catch Michael off guard. He then secured a palm-to-palm rear naked choke. Michael tapped; first round submission win for Gilbert. Team Volkanovski had tied it at 4 apiece. 


After the fight, the coaches were gathered together to discuss the semifinals matchups. These matchups would go as follows:

Middleweight- Andre Petroski (Ortega) vs Bryan Battle (Volkanovski)

Gilbert Urbina (Volkanovski) vs Tresean Gore (Ortega)

Bantamweight- Liudvik Sholinian (Ortega) vs Ricky Turcios (Volkanovski)

Vince Murdock (Ortega) vs Brady Hiestand (Volkanovski)

Next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter will include Ricky vs Liudvik, which you can watch on ESPN+. Come back next week to see our recap on MMA Island.

By Michael King

I’m an 18 year old freshman at Quinnipiac University who has more recently has gotten into MMA and the UFC. I have a podcast and blog/website I try my best to run and I talk about all sports but you will see I am starting to become partial to MMA in my blogs. I would love to learn more and grow with the sport.

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