Tony Ferguson Calls Out Michael Chandler, Chandler Claps Back

The Lightweight ranks in the UFC are a shark tank, plain and simple.

Fins on the surface and gnashing teeth from some of the most dangerous specimens on earth: 155ers. When you look at the current makeup of the top of the division, it’s hard to remember sometimes the dangerous creatures that wait in the depths. Matchmaking in this division is currently a nightmare, with the Champion’s comments on the current queue, and who he wants to fight next paired with how many stars are in the wings. 

Two lightweights on those said wings are Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler. And as both fighters are on losing streaks, the sharks smell blood in the water. As 2022 opens up, so do the two contenders on a potential fight between each other.

Booking fights nowadays could be as simple as a tweet to get things rolling. There’s a whole lot more than just tweets between Chandler and Ferguson though. Looking to bounce back, both are willing to vault themselves into the cage to give us a show and stake their claims in the organization, giving 155 some form going into the new year.

This is all “what if’s” and “when where’s” still, so nothing is set to happen officially. Michael Chandler was mentioned in a tweet on the first day of the year by a fan who said their ideal matchup for Conor McGregor next is Michael Chandler. The former Bellator Champion would have to agree, but out of nowhere came ‘El Cucuy’, calling Chandler out. 

It seems as though the UFC rookie owes the veteran a dance.

“There’s My B*tch!!” Ferguson tweeted. “[The UFC] Relayed Your Message Saying You Would Be Ready For Me April/June. Looks Like Your Trying To Delay That Ass-Whoopin’ I Owe Ya For Cutting In Line Kid- It’s Wrestling Season MF, Man Up- Champ.”

Chandler, who has had a previous run-in with Ferguson, wouldn’t let this one slide.


“Oh Tony.” Chandler tweeted. “There’s only a handful of guys in this game I truly respect…you’re one of them. Only because of your tenure, not your stature or your current presence in the division. I’ll beat you from bell to bell.

“Pray for a merciful ref. We shall see if this fight happens.”

In past press conferences, these two have engaged in some light verbal sparring, where the 19 fight UFC veteran proclaimed that Chandler was the beneficiary of “Dana White Privilege”, continuing that Chandler had turned down a fight with him, and was skipping ahead of other fighters where opportunity was concerned.

Plenty had clawed their way to the pinnacle of the UFC, and Tony Ferguson decided to not let the clear preferential (albeit, promotionally intelligent) treatment go unchecked in public. Tony always keep tabs.

Tony Ferguson had a problem with the way Michael Chandler was handled in his UFC rise. Maybe the two of them will actually get in the cage soon to solve it, perhaps before Chandler’s so-called ‘Dana White Privilege’ wears off.


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