Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter has come and gone. Along the way it has left us with many entertaining fights and dramatic back and forth between the coaches. Last week gave us the last fight of the season between Gilbert Urbina and Tresean Gore. This would determine who fights Bryan Battle in the finale.

The Fight

The Fight started off a little slow, with both fighters beginning to feel each other out. When they started to exchange however, Gore was clearly landing the bigger and better shots. Urbina was dropped a couple times, even once with a strong, clean jab from Gore. The bout concluded in the second round after Gore through a picture perfect left hook that landed swiftly and put Urbina to his knees.

It was an impressive win for Gore and now it looked like he may seriously give Battle some problems. He looked measured and patient in a very impressive victory over a formidable opponent. Unfortunately for Gore, things wouldn’t work out in his favor.

Some Bad News

Tresean Gore smiling with his team after defeating Gilbert Urbina/via ufc.com

Dana White was speaking to TMZ about the success of this season’s show when he broke the news that Gore had injured his meniscus and would be out at least 6 months. Now Gilbert Urbina will be stepping in to face Bryan Battle on short notice. It may not all be bad however as it has also been reported that Gore will receive a UFC contract when his injury heals.

Looking Ahead

Now let’s fast forward to August 28th for a moment. Brady Hiestand will be challenging colorful personality Ricky Turcios in the bantamweight division. This fight is very tough to call but Ricky is extremely unpredictable and creative and may be able to create some issues with Brady on the feet.

Brady however is a seasoned grappler but Ricky also has shown a lot of promise on the ground as well. This should be a very close and intriguing matchup but it looks like Ricky may edge this one out via Unanimous Decision.

A change in the participants won’t derail the middleweight finale. Bryan Battle will look to capitalize on his impressive submission win over Gilbert Urbina. Gilbert didn’t look terrible, landing good shots of his own against Gore.

However, his chin did not seem to hold up whatsoever and was wobbled or rocked by many of Gore’s clean shots. Do not count him out though, he is still dangerous on the ground and tricky on the feet. Battle should be able to use his reach to fight from the outside and land good shots. Battle seems the clear victor by 3rd round TKO.

Fight poster for the night of The Ultimate Fighter’s finale bouts/via monsterenergy.com

The MMA world will be waiting to see how these fights go and everyone will be watching Saturday the 28th on ESPN+ to see who will become The Ultimate Fighter.

By Michael King

I’m an 18 year old first-year at Quinnipiac University who has more recently has gotten into MMA and the UFC. I have a podcast and blog/website I try my best to run and I talk about all sports but you will see I am starting to become partial to MMA in my blogs. I would love to learn more and grow with the sport.