Why you can AND SHOULD anticipate Israel Adesanya making history…

Even as I type out “Triple Champ”, I still shake my head somewhat in disbelief. Who can be the best across three different weight classes and be just one human being? To be an elite world beater, going up and down, facing a stunning variety of athletes who can grind their way down to make the contracted weight. It seemed unfathomable… until now.

Despite Henry Cejudo calling himself ‘triple C’, he has only held two belts inside MMA. Having won an Olympic medal prior to the crossover, Cejudo would dub himself a triple champ, so he’s out of the conversation when it comes to winning triple champ status in MMA competition (unless he comes back to win the featherweight title).

Some thought Conor could do it. After getting his hands on the Double Champ honors, his chances against a gun shy, past prime Woodley were compelling enough to whisper about here and there.

Amanda doesn’t make Flyweight unless she saws off a leg but her performances against the current 125 queen Valentina Shevchenko spoke volumes.

Patricio Freire over at Bellator has his eyes on the same.

I can say with utmost certainty that our Triple Champ is here and he is none other than Stylebender, your future Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight Champion of the UFC.

Photo Credit//Noah Murray

The Heavyweight limit begins at 206 pounds. Adesanya is a fighter who relies on speed and movement as a crucial part of his game so gaining too much weight would be detrimental, to say the least. “Stylebender” is blessed with power and could certainly crack at heavyweight so coming in around 210-215 would be ideal. Just remember, Randy Couture, at the peak of his two major Heavyweight campaigns would never come in a pound over 228. Never.

His lineage and defenses of his crown are undeniable. “Stylebender” would only be coming in ten to fifteen pounds lighter than that and his skill paired with his surging momentum can be what it takes to make champ-champ-champ a reality.

Randy Couture was a great Champion and never came in a pound over 228 in competition.

If “Stylebender” keeps his weight at a stable range, he can feasibly compete in three weight classes defending three titles. With the title fight against Light Heavyweight King Jan Blachowicz right around the corner, Adesanya already fortells that he’ll be coming in quite light, around 193 pounds for the Octagon clash. Ultimately, the biggest question after “Can Israel beat Jan?” (still unanswered), would be “Is Israel coming back to Middleweight after all this if he is successful?”.

With intriguing matchups like Daren Till still out there, “Stylebender” has every intention of making defenses of his Middleweight crown, which is his central pride and joy. Between competing at or around 210 pounds when up with the big boys at Heavyweight and making strategic, gradual cuts back down the weight classes, fitting in title defenses in three weight classes is alarmingly realistic. you heard it here, Pitbull over at Bellator will get it done on his end and make history as the second triple champ.

Predictions, predictions, predictions coming at ya HOT!

By Josh Herbold

Fight Historian Bare Knuckle Boxing Media Host of "The Bare Knuckle Half Hour" on the MMA Island Youtube Channel Twitter/Instagram: @jherbsports

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