Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

On last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, spiritual martial artist Ricky Turcios defeated Liudvik Sholinian in the season’s first semi-final fight. Ricky will now be in position to fight either Brady Hiestand or Vince Murdock on the live finale. 

A New Challenge

On this week’s episode, things started off a little differently. Toyo Tires Desert Racing Champion Tavo Vildósola brought the boys together outside with Forrest Griffin for a challenge. Both teams were able to pick three participants to change a large tire out of the desert racer that was parked out in front of them. Team Volkanovski chose Brady, who happened to have auto body experience, Bryan, and Ryder while Team Ortega chose Michael, Kemran, and Andre. 

Team Volkanovski smoked Team Ortega and was gifted with the reward of complimentary sushi from sushi chefs prepared just for them when they got back to the house. 

This Week

Andre will take on Bryan in their week 10 matchup/via sportskeeda.com

This week’s matchup was Bryan Battle and Andre Petroski. Andre looked great in week one of the show with his submission win and would look to impose his strong wrestling and jiu-jitsu once again this week. Bryan looked good in his last fight, proving he is dangerous from the outside. Team captain Alex Volkanovski has only had good things to say about Bryan ever since picking him last for the middleweights.

Family Matters

Both fighters were gifted with calls home to their family. Both of them seemed really excited to be able to do this, but Bryan seemed to care just a bit more. Tears ran down his face as he spoke to the cameraman about what his family means to him and how they motivate him. He wanted to be The Ultimate Fighter for his wife and family.

Now it was time to make weight and finish the job.

Making Weight

Both fighters successfully weighed in for the fight to be official. Bryan at 184.5 lbs and Andre coming in at 186. They faced off and were ready to go.

Round 1

Round 1 started and Andre began to immediately showcase some of his blitzing techniques. He changed levels often, trying to confuse Bryan between a punch and a takedown attempt. Andre tried to find early success with wrestling, but Bryan defended well. Bryan used his kicks well to keep range and countered smartly when Andre rushed in with a combo. 

Around the 3 minute mark, a specific clinch exchange ended with a Battle knee to the head of Petroski, opening a nasty cut above the eye. Andre believed it was a headbutt and began to curse Bryan out. The two jawed at each other for a while and when instant replay showed it was clearly Bryan’s knee, he responded with some cursing of his own. Andre secured a takedown after the fact and controlled Bryan for the rest of round 1 while threatening the choke.

Round 2

Round 2 showcased a seemingly way more tired Andre and a more efficient Bryan. Bryan looked to kick and knee the body much more and it seemed to take its toll. He looks to use the lead push kick as his main strike for the duration of the round. Andre shoots for a single leg and both guys fight for position against the cage. Andre, however, gives up the back position he had acquired to try to switch back to his single leg. Battle recognized this and grabbed Andre’s neck for a guillotine choke. Bryan dragged Andre down to finish the choke and got the tap. 

Battle gets his hand raised against Kemran Lachinov, just like Petroski in this week/via UFC.com

Fight Aftermath

SIX wins in a row for Team Volkanovski (including the tire challenge, seven). The boys in blue and yellow have been on a roll ever since dropping the first four straight.

After the fight, next week’s matchup was announced. It was to be Brady Hiestand (Team Volkanovski) vs Vince Murdock (Team Ortega) to see who will go on to fight Ricky.

You can watch next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter here on ESPN+. Come back next week for the recap of next week’s show on MMA Island.

By Michael King

I’m an 18 year old first-year at Quinnipiac University who has more recently has gotten into MMA and the UFC. I have a podcast and blog/website I try my best to run and I talk about all sports but you will see I am starting to become partial to MMA in my blogs. I would love to learn more and grow with the sport.