What’s Next For The Pugilistic Porn Star?

Las Vegas Nevada–It’s been five weeks since Tyler Goodjohn (13-5 Boxing, 3-0 Bare Knuckle) defeated Charles “Felony” Barrett at BKFC 15 in a somewhat controversial decision. Amid a steady stream of social media posts advertising a multi week post fight celebration in a Vegas hotel room, Goodjohn’s frustration began to build and build.

The top shelf bud burned daily, as did the British fighter’s anger as he would check his bank balance to see if the wire transfer had finally hit from his big November Co-Main event scrap. Nothing. Still nothing. Days turned to weeks. The frustration finally culminated in a January 16 Instagram post that dismayed a large segment of the combat sports world. He was leaving.


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After seeing the Instagram post a mere few minutes after it was published, I immediately set out to keep updated on the developing issue, as it brought up memories of the failed promotion World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation not paying fighters in 2018 and shutting down as a result. It was enough to investigate. And then, bam! Another one. This next Instagram post only further reinforced that something was amiss and Goodjohn wasn’t burning bridges with BKFC for just no reason.


Comments poured in. Eighty versions of “Shame on you, BKFC!” and even boycott talk served as immediate public consensus. Goodjohn’s management team Smith Brothers Combat Sports eventually joined the lively comment section once Goodjohn posted a screenshot of his bank balance (seen in the link above).

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I reached out to his management and very surprisingly, shockingly even…Kevin Smith of Smith Brothers got back to me quickly. I had asked for an official comment on the ever evolving dispute with BKFC and what he thought happened that resulted in this messy fallout.

No shocker…I got stonewalled; in the nicest way of course. Nothing could be verified, except for the fact that Goodjohn opted for a wire transfer over a check and confirmed to me that BKFC had absolutely made the wire transfer as arranged after the fight. Evidently, the wire transfer was selected by Goodjohn to get paid faster than a customary check. Whoops.

Finally, the saga concluded with Goodjohn announcing on Instagram Live that the wire transfer finally hit though he was still going home to the United Kingdom and bridges with BKFC and David Feldman were indeed still quite burnt, citing that he wants to work with people who “give a shit about him”. It’s important to reiterate the fact that David Feldman and BKFC paid Goodjohn on time and in full. Someone’s bank was seemingly the culprit here.

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My takeaway from all this is how insanely and wastefully unfortunate this all turned out to be. BKFC had plans for Goodjohn, you could just tell. At BKFC 14, Lightweight Champion Luis Palomino (3-0 Bare Knuckle, 26-17 MMA) defended his title in brutal, dominant fashion and like clockwork, Goodjohn was brought inside The Squared Circle to issue a challenge for Palomino’s strap.

The moment honesty just didn’t feel right. Never having fought in BKFC before at that point and relatively unknown in America, Goodjohn was nonetheless accompanied by David Feldman, which was almost seen as a symbolic gesture of vouching for the callout. This attempt at securing the title shot fell flat on it’s face when the Champ brushed off the British contender like an unworthy nuisance and read off his list of sponsors instead. It was an awkward moment at BKFC 14 and a silently fuming David Feldman told me the whole story.

So what’s next for Goodjohn and BKFC? Well, for BKFC I would say the show goes on. Even if their plans for the adult film acting fighter didn’t pan out, they still have plenty of British talent to draw from. Goodjohn for the time being is paid up and I’m sure he’ll take a fight back home in England when the time is right…or the screenshots get sad again. I’m sure new BKFC star Paige VanZant would relish advising him to get an Only Fans…Tyler Goodjohn was contacted for comment but did not reply to any attempts at communication.

By Josh Herbold

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