Joaquin Buckley is currently on the rise following his two spectacular back to back knockouts this year and is currently a frontrunner for knockout of the year, however this does not seem to be enough to get to quit Buckley his day job at Wallgreens.

Buckley was first noticed after his legendary knockout of Impa Kasanganay on the 11th of October, which is being referred to as one of the greatest knockouts… ever.

Greatest knockout in UFC history? Joaquin Buckley close but not quite

Buckley capitalised on this initial success by jumping back into action at UFC 255 and defeated undefeated prospect, Jordan Wright, a fight in which he was awarded another performance bonus.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Buckley was asked if he was going to leave his job at Walgreens and finally focus on MMA full time.

“Besides the UFC, and they’re giving me these big checks, I still don’t have a business of my own,” said Buckley  “I need to just keep working and having that working mentality and work ethic. So I’m just gonna keep holding down the job. Until my business is off the ground, we’re gonna still keep working at Walgreens.”

Buckley stressed that until he has his own business, he will continue to work at Walgreens to maintain his work ethic.

Buckley also mentioned that he would like to return in January and fight on the McGregor v Poirier card, most likely most wanting to face off against one James Krause, a fellow fighter whom he shares bad blood with.

 “Hopefully I get to go against that guy that I really want. No need to mention his name. If they give that to me, that’d be perfect. But if they give me anybody else, that’s cool too as long as I get to fight in January.”

Buckley’s future with the UFC and with his own enterprises seem very prosperous, so we the fans can sit back and enjoy as we watch Joaquin Buckley take off and become successful.

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