Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Carlos Lozoya’s next fight might be scheduled for five rounds, but he doesn’t see this one going all 25 minutes.


On Oct. 30, the flyweight prospect will headline Fury FC 70 against Cleveland McLean. Lozoya rides a 6-fight win streak while McLean is no slouch either, winning his last four fights. With an impressive victory here, Lozoya believes he is in the prime position to get the call up to the UFC.

“One hundred percent, I don’t see why not,” Lozoya told MMA Island. “This fight could have easily been on Contender Series. I think it’s a UFC-level fight. I think I’m gonna dominate and hopefully get the finish.”

In one-half of the ‘UFC-level fight’, Lozoya likes what he sees from McLean’s fighting style.

“He’s exciting,” Lozoya said of McLean. “I like watching his fights. He’s not in many boring fights. I know no matter what this fight’s probably gonna be really exciting. This is gonna be a good one to showcase. He is like kind of a dangerous guy. If I were to give him like a place where he would rather be is probably like his striking.

“He does a few things with his kickboxing that I like. He’s just kind of an explosive-like boxer. He’s well rounded with everything. But yeah, I like Cleveland’s style. He’s an exciting guy. If you think about exciting flyweights, he fits that mold very well.”

Talking about excitement, Lozoya believes he will have more than enough time to get McLean outta there.

“They told me it would be five rounds and a non-title bout. I was like, it makes no sense. But I actually got really excited about it because if I have 25 minutes, I know I’m gonna finish you. I definitely think I’m gonna finish Cleveland. I think I’m gonna outstrike him and I think I’m gonna outgrapple him. It doesn’t really matter where it goes in the fight.

“I could predict as much as I can,” Lozoya continued. “I can look at the film as much as I can, but when we actually fight, things are gonna happen that I might not expect. I can’t say I’m gonna submit him, I can’t say I’m gonna knock him out, but I know I’m gonna finish him. I think the 25 minutes is gonna be too much for him. I think what’s gonna win the fight is more than anything is pace. I think the pace of the fight is gonna really wear on him.”

We’ll see exactly how this fight plays out at Fury FC 70 on Oct. 30, streaming live on UFC Fight Pass.

By Chris De Santiago

Chris De Santiago is a 20-year-old journalist out of Texas. He is the founder of MMA Island and also works for MiddleEasy.com.